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A $10,000 campfire

A $10,000 campfire

On August 7, an off-duty fire fighter reported a bonfire on Home Island just off Keats Island. The fire fighter went out on his boat to the small rock island and tried to get the campers to put out the fire but they refused so police were called. Police attended and located a group of males around a large camp fire. After explaining the Province-wide fire ban and the risk and liability of having a bonfire where the embers could be wind-born for kilometres, all nine members of the party were each issued a Violation Ticket for Light, Fuel, or Use Fire Against Regulation under the Wildfire Act, which carries a fine of $1,150.

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On August 3, police assisted the Gibsons Volunteer Fire Department with an illegal fire in the 700 block of Marine Drive, Gibsons after receiving reports of a large bonfire. Police located the remains of a fire, which was still warm and included visible embers well into the lower layers, near several large trees and a wooded area. The property representative was located, who advised that he’d barbequed in a nearby grill using charcoal briquettes and dumped the hot briquettes into the fire pit. The Fire Marshall did not agree with this explanation and the property rep was issued a Violation Ticket for Light, fuel, or use fire against regulations which carries a fine of $1,150.

Submitted by RCMP

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