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A band called Oldtimers

A band called Oldtimers

P 12 A persephone band pic 1 insideA band called the Oldtimers poses at the scene of their debut performance May 22.  Left to right are Wes Moore, grade 7, Kaishan Nonacowie, grade 5, and Zak Harding, grade 7. They earned a standing ovation playing during a break by their music teacher’s band, the Champagne Cowboys, at the Persephone brewery in Gibsons.  Mike Cowie photo

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  1. What a year it s been. At the end of the 2011 season our conductor of many years, Donna Yacavone, announced her retirement. She will be missed. The band, citing it s rich history and value to the community, assembled a group of members to find a new director and form an organization that could share the many tasks necessary to keep the band active and filling a vital role in Cortland and the surrounding community. In the past, Donna had performed all of these tasks by herself. After countless meetings at the Perfetti s dining room table and many other locations, a new Old Timers Band emerged. It has been a year of many changes and a few growing pains, but a success. Collectively, we have taken a look back at our history, our present service to the community and looked forward at how we fit into 2012 and beyond. We have welcomed several new members into the group and one very special member has returned to us. Donna now plays bass clarinet instead of waving the baton.

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