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A call for cutbacks

A call for cutbacks

The proposed 2018 residential tax increase in Sechelt is 7.7 per cent following last year’s increase of a whopping 10 per cent.

Interestingly, the district has zero dollars in reserve and will again rely on the citizens to fund a large part of the entire budget to the tune of 85 per cent. When asked whether this mayor and council currently have an economic strategy to diversify the tax base to take the load off citizens in the community, the answer was that all the districts fund a group called the Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Organization (SCREDO) and rely completely on this group to advertise the benefits of attracting new business to the Sunshine Coast.

SCREDO indeed looks to be a very interesting and progressive group and over time will surely help grow business in our community. However, until the strategy of SCREDO bears fruit then this council needs to live within its means and actually focus on sweeping cutbacks and fund only the most urgent proposed new expenses.

Joe Sawer, Sechelt

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