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A lens on the wild Sept. 30


Dr. Rand Rudland. Photo submitted

Local wildlife photographer, Dr. Rand Rudland, MD, has visited some of the world’s remotest areas and captured a spectacular array of species with his “lens on the wild.” Rudland’s exquisite images of rare and elusive creatures like the Bengal tiger, the superb pitta and other wonders of nature will be accompanied by personal observations and stories ranging from his extensive travels in the Arctic, as well as Antarctica, Myanmar, Bhutan, India, Paraguay, Australia, Panama, Costa Rica, Melanesia, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Rudland’s talk – Sept. 30, 2-4 pm at Chatelech Secondary in Sechelt – is the annual Clifford Smith Memorial Lecture presented by the Sunshine Coast ElderCollege and sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Credit Union and School District 46. His topic is “Lens on the Wild.” The lecture is free and open to all ages.

Graduating in Biology and Forestry at UBC, Rudland went on to study medicine at UBC & McGill, and then moved to the Sunshine Coast to begin 30 years in general practice.  On sabbatical, he provided locum services to remote northern communities which created the opportunity to explore the Arctic environment. As ship’s physician on eco-tours he had unparalleled opportunities to photograph all aspects of nature. Rudland is semi-retired, lives on the Sunshine Coast and is an active community volunteer.   Submitted

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