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A plea for seniors

A plea for seniors

For many 70+ seniors in British Columbia, it was a heavy blow when the four-month delay in their vaccine dose completions was announced.

After a year of sheltering in their homes, missing their children and grandchildren, their friends and colleagues, abandoning travel plans and other retirement pleasures, they looked forward to being fully vaccinated under the original schedule. Making plans for May and June 2021 kept them upbeat and afloat, but all that was swept aside without consideration for their wellbeing, mental and physical, when the initial plan was scrapped. Four months for a senior over 70 is time noticeably deducted from the balance of their lives. They were told their lives were priorities for the BC government, suddenly not so.

Please advocate for an exemption for senior British Columbians from the four-month delay to be fully vaccinated – if just as a courtesy for having been British Columbian for more than seven decades.

Brian J Low, Ph.D., UBC,


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