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Aquifer rally draws musicians

Aquifer rally draws musicians

The Gibsons Alliance of Business and Community Society (GABC) is holding a rally and fundraiser with speakers and a dozen performers, in Dougall Park, Sat. Oct. 7 11am-6pm.

The Gibsons aquifer is under threat and we need your help to protect it. Planned excavations for contaminated site clean-up and construction of the George project pose the real risk of perforating Gibsons aquitard, “blowing-out” our drinking water supply and spreading highly toxic contamination.

Consultants working for the Town and the George developer have identified a maximum excavation depth for the project from .05 – 1.5m, to protect the aquifer. Yet, over the summer at a last minute special meeting, Gibsons council approved a remediation plan that includes excavating below 2m and sets no limit on maximum excavation depths. The Town is aware of the risks, yet development and building permits were approved and issued in August, with no requirement of a security bond and only an emergency contingency plan, in the event something goes wrong.

Our rally and fundraising event aims to increase public awareness of the dangers our drinking water aquifer and environment face from this project and raise money to defend them.

We have so much to be thankful for in Gibsons on this Thanksgiving weekend. We have some of the best drinking water in the world, untreated, straight from the tap, and we want to keep it that way.

We are also excited and grateful to have an awesome lineup of volunteer performers playing music for us throughout the day of the rally including: Grant Olsen, Bonar Harris, Ken Dunn, Greg Willy, Steven Jack, Simon Paradis, Matt Watson, Pamela Messner, Susan Ssun, Jenica Vaneli, The Midds, Jeevious family and Susann Richter.

Guest speakers will also talk between sets about the history of aquifer protection in Gibsons, risks posed by the George project, lack of diligence on behalf of the Town and what we can all do to help protect our precious natural assets.  Submitted

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