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Arts Building open house on Saturday

Arts Building open house on Saturday

The Arts Building in Gibsons is a great place for newcomers to connect with the community, and it is holding an open house on Saturday, Sept. 30, noon-4pm, at 464 South Fletcher Rd. in Lower Gibsons.

Starting a new family on the Sunshine Coast, knowing only a handful of people, can be a lonely task. The Arts Building changed all that for me. I was longing for creative time to myself. The toddler drop-in activities — as amazing as they were — didn’t fulfill my need to create with my hands.  Even a simple chalk drawing was taken over by my daughter’s little hands. I was losing my mind.

Then one day I was asked to lead a workshop for a new organization in Lower Gibsons called the Arts Building. I managed to pull off leading a workshop while my toddler was with my husband. The two women who started the organization, Georgina Brandon and Ann Marie Brown, were thrilled. They asked me to do more, and I was very happy to find an organization that was excited by my quirky abilities.

I joined the board and have been involved with the Arts Building ever since. This was seven years ago and I’ve been blessed to be part of many community events, workshops and celebrations.

Along the way, the Arts Building has shape-shifted like any other organization. Huckleberry Coast Daycare started with a vision from one woman, Bronwen Payerle. With the support of her family and friends, Bronwen persevered over four years to make this daycare happen, going through many roadblocks as well as birthing another child along the way. And now, along with a community garden beside it, the Arts Building has expanded to full time daycare with a wait-list.

The Arts Building Society is a non-profit organization that was established in 2009 by local artists. It’s managed by a board of directors and a paid administrator. Our programs run from September 15 through June 15.

If you have an idea and want to lead a workshop or an event, simply email the arts building .

Submitted by Sandy Buck

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