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BC Coast and Hawaii images featured at GPAG

Photographer Judy Witheford’s view of a crater bush bleached by fire and wind around a volcano in Hawaii. Her photographs are part of an exhibit opening Jan. 18 at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery. Judy Witheford photo

An upcoming exhibition at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery combines paintings of coastal BC with black and white photographs of destruction and regeneration around oceanfront volcanoes in Hawaii.

Horseshoe Bay landscape painter Lil Chrzan is known for her masterful depictions of golden light across luminous West Coast scenes. Chrzan’s paintings are not intended to be direct representations of nature but rather a process of extracting the most essential elements of a scene.

And photographer Judy Witheford uses her camera “to bear witness to the birth of new form as lava is heaved into the ocean’s water and freezes while fire and wind bleach the skin and flesh of trees leaving naked chalk-white branches and limbs.”

“The landscape of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park,” says Witheford, “reveals the constant drama of destruction and regeneration happening in the immediacy of the present but also invoking the memory of a distant past when the earth was in its infancy, thus alluding to the vastness of time. Choosing to work in a black and white palette helps to get down to the primal basics and reveal what is truly essential to meaning.”

The exhibition runs from Jan. 18 to Feb. 12, with an artists’ reception on Jan. 20, 2-4pm.  Submitted

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