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BC Ferries launches new fare options

BC Ferries launches new fare options

BC Ferries announced the launch of new fare options last week on the three Metro Vancouver – Vancouver Island routes. These new fares will benefit customers travelling for essential purposes only, and once it’s safe to resume non-essential travel, all customers will be able to take advantage of more fare choices.
In addition to BC Ferries’ At Terminal and Reservation Only fares, customers currently travelling for essential purposes will immediately be able to take advantage of a new Saver fare and Prepaid fare. The Saver fare is BC Ferries’ most affordable fare and will be available on less busy sailings, while the Prepaid fare lets customers book and pay for their full travel in advance, saving time at terminal check-in. These new fare options are available for advanced purchases only. BC Ferries expects these additional fare options will reduce sailing waits at popular times, make better use of all sailings and help make the ferry system more efficient.
“Our routes between Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island account for about 60 percent of overall ferry traffic, so we are introducing our new fare choices on these routes first,” said Mark Collins, BC Ferries’ president & CEO. “When the Province lifts essential travel orders, these fare options will provide our customers more value, flexibility and certainty. They will also help spread traffic across the day, reducing sailing waits at popular times.”
Customers will still be able to drive up to the terminal and sail on the next available sailing, as well as purchase a separate reservation and pay the remainder of the fare at the ticket booth. BC Ferries’ two additional fare options, Prepaid and Saver, will be available for advanced purchase on the Vancouver (Tsawwassen) – Victoria (Swartz Bay), Vancouver (Tsawwassen) – Nanaimo (Duke Point) and Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay) – Nanaimo (Departure Bay) routes:
• The new Saver fare is the most affordable fare choice. Saver fares range from $49 – $73.70 and include a free reservation. These fares will be available on select sailings year-round. Saver fares are ideal for customers who have the flexibility to travel during less busy sailing times, can book in advance and want travel certainty.
• The new Prepaid fare is ideal for customers who want to have a more efficient experience at the terminal check-in, as they pay for their reservation and travel in full at the time of their booking. Customers also save seven dollars on the reservation fee when booking more than seven days in advance. This option offers the greatest flexibility to change a booking.
• Reservation Only is ideal for customers travelling during popular sailing times, want travel certainty and want to only pay for the reservation fee at the time of booking, instead of fully prepaying their travel. This provides customers with the same booking experience they have today.
• At Terminal is ideal for customers who may not know their schedule or want the flexibility to travel when they’re ready, and prefer to arrive at the terminal without a booking. It does not include a reservation, and customers travel on the next available sailing.
The new fare choices will be available year-round. At launch, the Saver fare will be $73.70, including a reservation, and will drop to as low as $49 later this spring on less busy sailings. BC Ferries is implementing the new fare choices now to be prepared for increased demand once essential travel orders are lifted. This helps test the booking system and ensure a smooth process for customers once it is safe to resume non-essential travel.
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