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BC Ferries to run hourly through winter

BC Ferries to run hourly through winter

BC Ferries vessels will be leaving Langdale and Horseshoe Bay every hour starting mid-January while the corporation conducts maintenance on the main berth at the Sunshine Coast terminal.

While it might sound like the service is being doubled, in fact capacity will not increase, as only the lower deck will be used on each of the two ships on the route. Langdale’s single-level Berth 2 restricts access to upper decks, unless Ferries staff use the time-consuming process of deploying ramps within the vessels. That will not be done during the maintenance period, currently scheduled to end by April 6.

“The Queen of Surrey will operate as one of those vessels the entire time, with the Queen of Coquitlam serving as the second vessel Jan 19-Mar 19 and the Island Sky (normally on the Earls Cove-Saltery Bay route) serving as the second vessel Mar. 20-Apr. 6,” BC Ferries Public Affairs Manager, Darin Guenette, told the Local.

The schedule that begins January 19, 2017, shows ships leaving Langdale every day of the week at 6:20am, 7:20am, 8:25am and 9:25am to start the day and continue virtually hourly throughout the day until 8:45pm. The same schedule will apply from Horseshoe Bay, with the exception of a two-hour gap at the end of the day, with a sailing at 7:50pm and then a final run at 9:45pm.

Southern Sunshine Coast Ferry Advisory Committee (SSCFAC) Chair Diana Mumford hinted to the Local there’s more to come for Langdale terminal.

“There have been many discussions with [BC Ferries],” Mumford said. “More scheduling changes and terminal updates (hopefully positive ones) for Route 3 ferry users are coming,” but won’t be announced until they are finalized.  Rik Jespersen

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