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Big support for Trash Bash in Pender

Big support for Trash Bash in Pender

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is celebrating the success of its 3rd. annual “Backroad Trash Bash”, which took place on Saturday, September 13.

This year, the event received an overwhelmingly positive response as 50 people gathered to clean up trash illegally dumped in the Pender Harbour area.

“We had a great turnout of really enthusiastic volunteers; it was truly a community effort. We could not be more pleased with the results,” says Robyn Cooper, SCRD Zero Waste Coordinator.

Volunteers included residents, members of the Pender Harbour Hiking Club and Sunshine Coast Geocachers (CITO), and staff from BC Conservation Service, BC Parks and the SCRD. A barbeque lunch, provided by the Pender Harbour Rotary Club was enjoyed by all.

“Public awareness of the illegal dumping problem has increased and there is a strong and unfavourable reaction to it,” says SCRD Board Chair, Garry Nohr. “Illegal dumping has serious effects on the environment, wildlife habitat, public health, and the ability of community members to use and enjoy outdoor recreational areas.”


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