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Calling all Capilano University Alumni

Calling all Capilano University Alumni

It is always exciting to hear people’s stories of their connection to Capilano as a place of learning, personal growth, and community gathering. Especially when those people are locals, from right here on the Sunshine Coast. From those who attended classes many years ago when the College was just a group of portables in North Vancouver, to those who have benefitted from its programs closer to home at our campus here on the Sunshine Coast, over the decades the University has nourished dreams and supported learning for many Coast residents who now proudly call themselves Capilano University alumni.

In 2008, when what was once Capilano College, transitioned to what is now Capilano University, the role of alumni in the culture and development of the school became ever more important. This shift prompted the initiation of the Capilano University Alumni Association Board, responsible for connecting with alumni and helping create pathways for them to enrich the Capilano experience.

The Alumni Association is honoured to support and celebrate our students and community with the annual Community Recognition Event. The event provides an opportunity for all of us to be inspired by our student award recipients and our remarkable community of volunteers, alumni, faculty, staff and community partners.

For Capilano alumni on the Coast seeking to be more involved in what happens at our local campus, creating an alumni chapter is a great way to remain engaged with the university and be a meaningful part of the conversations that affect the experience students have as they come through our doors. An alumni chapter can be formed with as a few as five people who are committed to being active as Capilano alumni. Chapters can be put together with a group of alumni from any discipline who reside on the Coast. Or, chapters can focus on a specific program of study such as Health Care Assistants or Mountain Bike graduates.

Would you be interested in starting an alumni chapter? Sarah Ward was a Capilano College student, whose relationship with the school began in 1995 and went on to span many years. Now the Coast campus’ First Nations Student Liaison at Capilano she has gone on to promote the interests and needs of our local campus by volunteering on the Alumni Board and working with the Alumni Association.

If you are interested in learning more about being involved in an alumni chapter on the Coast please contact Sarah. You can reach her at 604-741-3906 or sar If you are a Capilano alumni and you have not heard from us, we would like to have your contact information so we can keep you in the loop about alumni events and news. You can email Janis Connolly of the Alumni Relations Office at or call 604-990-7968 with any questions and your most current contact information.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Submitted by Sarah Ward

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