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Cat bylaw

Cat bylaw

(Re: “Call for Gibsons cat control,” article, the Local, Dec. 31)
I have been a cat owner/lover for a very long time. I also love birds, squirrels and all wildlife. The facts are known and recorded as to how many birds and other wildlife we lose every year to cats. Cats do not belong outside and free-roaming. They have been a domesticated species for a long time. Cats deserve to be treated as house pets, not as “throw away life.” It’s not okay for a cat to be taken by coyotes, eagles, cougars or run over by cars. It’s also not okay for a cat to use someone’s garden as a litter box.
We need to protect our birds/wildlife from cats while at the same time we need to protect our cats from predators, poisons and from becoming roadkill. By building a “catio” or enclosing an existing patio or balcony with wire, cats can enjoy the sun or be outside. Once accustomed to it, cats can also be walked on a leash.
It is high time we have a cat bylaw for the whole Sunshine Coast, Gibsons, Sechelt and the SCRD. Our birds and wildlife are needing protection from cats, habitat loss, and man-made obstacles like glass balcony panels or large windows, to name a few.
Cornelia van Berkel,

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