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Editorial: Understanding dementia

The Alzheimer Society of BC has released findings of a new survey to coincide with Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in January, a survey that shows stigma and negative attitudes about dementia continue to persist. The society is kicking off its new social awareness campaign – “I live with dementia; let me help you understand” – to ... Read More »

Unsafe highway

Our blue Malibu was destroyed on Jan. 11 when it was rear-ended in a lineup of stopped traffic on the way into Wilson Creek. The collision confirmed my growing concern over the danger of increasing traffic on our only road between communities here on the Sunshine Coast. The tree trimming company that blocked the road ... Read More »

Fire truck fable

(Re “Dandelions on the roof”, letters, the Local, Jan. 11) Bill Campbell’s letter includes the statement “Is the vehicle elevator large enough for a fire truck?” How could anyone actually have this put into print? Why would you put a fire truck into a burning building? Do all the large buildings in Vancouver have fire ... Read More »

Water withheld

The Town of Gibsons has all the pristine water it needs from its aquifer and it is the “best drinking water in the world”. They have such a great supply they only went to level 2 restrictions last year. They have also been proactive and six years ago built a 2,600,000-litre reservoir at Gibsons highest ... Read More »

Misguided seniors plan

Introducing the profit motive into seniors care absent clear, civilized, and moral direction is guaranteed to result in more incidents of neglect and increased suffering for many seniors. Even the best set of rules and regulations, when based in budget considerations as the primary determinant, will only help us measure the failures of – and ... Read More »

Justice dialogue

The Restorative Justice (RJ) Program of the Sunshine Coast invites you to our annual AGM, scheduled for Thurs. Jan. 25 at the Sechelt Band Hall, 7-9pm. RJ has been instrumental on the Sunshine Coast in supporting both victims and offenders through dialogue – by facilitating fair agreements for restitution when something wrongful has occurred and/or ... Read More »

Editorial: Water wars

Roberts Creek SCRD Director Mark Lebbell is cranking up the heat in his dispute with SCRD Chair and Sechelt Mayor Bruce Milne over the Sunshine Coast’s water supply. In his latest report to his constituents (in the form of a “news blog” at, Lebbell castigates Milne at length, in effect accusing him of not ... Read More »

Dandelions on the roof 

(Re “New design for Eagle View condos”, the Local, Dec. 21) The flat green roofs are green because they are covered in grass. They will be brown in the summer when there is no rain and they cannot be watered because of Gibsons’ annual watering restrictions. The roofs are not accessible to residents and one ... Read More »

Poor choice of words

(Re “Recycling reassurance”, letters, the Local, Jan. 4) Regarding Silas White’s rebuttal to my letter of Dec. 28. Councillor White takes issue with your printing my statement that “we are going to lose the recycling depot soon”. He is right. It was a poor choice of words. I should have said, “There are no guarantees ... Read More »

Drivers needed

The Vancouver Coastal Hearth volunteer driving program is in URGENT need of new drivers. The program provides driving to medical appointments locally and into Vancouver. Drivers pick up clients from their homes, take them to an appointment, wait and drive client home after the appointment.  Drivers receive compensation for gas.  If going to Vancouver, fares ... Read More »

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