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Editorial: Ban the bullying


Sport is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and community pride. It creates friendships and promotes fitness, while developing lifelong skills. viaSport’s goal is to build a sport environment where participants – athletes, coaches, volunteers, officials, parents, spectators and staff – at all levels feel safe and encouraged. This is why viaSport, along with BC’s ... Read More »

Letter: Feeling betrayed


(Sent to MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, and copied to the Local.) It’s very rare that I would get involved with changing the course of an election or write to my parliamentarian, but Canada’s need for a new electoral system based on Proportional Representation, and the need for action on climate change, made me change my mind. ... Read More »

Elder care abysmal 


After reading numerous opinions about the controversial long- term care plan for the Sunshine Coast (ie. new facility to be run by Trellis Corporation) I would like to make a few points. Whether private or public funding, for-profit or not-for-profit…care for the elderly, frail and vulnerable, seems to be abysmal, right across the country. I ... Read More »

Letter: Union politics?


The debate over the new extended care facility has been characterized as a fight for public health care. The essential elements of a public health care system are that it is publicly funded and that access is on the basis of need. A privately operated facility on contract to VCH is fully consistent with those ... Read More »

Editorial: HandyDART handy, most of the time


BC’s Seniors Advocate has released results of a province-wide survey of almost 7,500 HandyDART users. The survey highlights that while 91 per cent of users are satisfied with the service when they receive it, almost one-third of respondents say it is not meeting, or only moderately meeting, their transportation needs. “Obviously there’s good news here,” ... Read More »

Care counts


(Re: “Full house for health care forum”, the Local, Feb. 2) The Local’s coverage of Dr. Margaret McGregor’s major presentation to the Health Care Forum on Jan. 28 left out some of its most troubling and important details. Dr. McGregor’s report of her extensive research in Canada, the US, and Europe on public, non-profit and ... Read More »

Letter: Count the care


(Addressed to Vancouver Coastal Health, and copied to the Local) There has been much discussion about the long term care on the Sunshine Coast, namely the building of a new facility by the Trellis Corporation. There are many pros and cons (mainly cons) being presented as to why the Coast should/should not accept the proposed ... Read More »

Feeling duped


(Addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and copied to the Local) Surely gaining political power is about more than keeping power. I trusted your Government would be an activist Government, and although there were many hard decisions to make, electoral reform would be a reality as you were democrats by nature. It’s infuriating. I feel ... Read More »

Letter: Own the ‘lectern’

P 1 headstart pic f

(Re: “The Young and Oratorical”, the Local, Feb. 2) Please note that the children pictured on your front page of Feb. 2 are standing at a lectern not on a podium. Although this is a common mistake, it’s important that you use the English language correctly. “Lectern (noun): a tall stand with a sloping top ... Read More »

Editorial: Celebrate wetlands


Recognized every Feb. 2, World Wetlands Day draws global attention to wetlands, which cover around six percent of the Earth’s surface. Wetlands protect and filter our drinking water, provide wildlife habitats, store flood waters to reduce property damage and maintain surface water flow during droughts. “Wetlands deliver a one-two punch in our fight against the ... Read More »

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