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DNA Day, and citizen scientists


Since I started working as a geneticist in the early 1960s, the field has changed considerably. James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins won the 1962 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for their discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. Researchers then “cracked” the genetic code, which held promise for fields like health ... Read More »

Letter: Recycling tax receipts?


(Addressed to Gibsons Council and copied to the Local) I recently learned that since municipalities have registered charity status, you are able to issue charitable tax receipts to people who wish to donate to causes that are not registered charities, and that this has been happening with donations to the Gibsons Public Market. We are ... Read More »

Letter: Irreparable harm


(Addressed to Sechelt Council and copied to the Local) With reference to the proposed expansion of the “Big Maple” (mobile home park), I maintain that this proposal has the obvious appearance of a short-sighted and ill-conceived plan that can and will cause irreparable harm to an extremely fragile and unique ecological area if implemented. The ... Read More »

Theatre as classroom


I just spent a recent Sunday afternoon experiencing  ‘Live via Satellite’ the joys of “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare and conversing with a fellow patron about how very lucky we are to have this at our doorstep. It is the most recent of several of Shakespeare’s works and other traditional and modern plays that my ... Read More »

Letter: Left-leaning?

The Local March 30 Page 1 f

(Re “Clark’s opportunism”, letters, the Local, April 13) Why is your editor publishing letters to the editor from SURREY? The good thing about Jef Keighley’s political opinion letter is knowing he no longer lives on the Sunshine Coast. It appears the LOCAL has taken on a left-leaning editorial policy, given Keighley’s Surrey tirade and the ... Read More »

Non-liberal reporting


(Re “It’s a crime”, letters, the Local, April 13) With respect to Bud Hoffman’s letter of last week, I don’t watch or listen to CTV and couldn’t find Peggy Mason’s comments on its website.  So I had difficulty understanding Mr. Hoffman’s complaint, as he failed to note a single specific comment made by Ms. Mason ... Read More »

Editorial: Butterfly’s best hope

monarch butterfly

Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna had her mind blown recently. McKenna was visiting the hilltop monarch butterfly reserves in rural Mexico. There she saw millions of monarchs clinging to oyamel fir trees in mind-bogglingly dense clusters, surprisingly well-camouflaged for such colourful critters. She then wrote a heartfelt article calling on people in ... Read More »

Remove the covenant


The Gibsons District Energy Utility Company (GDEU) is a fine example of why government should never run a company. (Gibsons Director of engineering Dave) Newman’s report to council April 4 states: “Problems over the winter exposed several operational issues that need to be addressed, which will take time to complete” for a projected cost of ... Read More »

Missile attack a crime


The missile attack on Syria by the USA was targeted to send a message to Russia and Syria for the blatant disregard for mankind and the use of deadly gas on the general public, an action that constitutes a “war crime”. CTV News covered this action the following morning with various guests, one of whom ... Read More »

Letter: Clark’s opportunism


Christy Clark has set a new record for spending our money advertising her government, some $15 million for the year ending March 31, with the lion’s share spent in the lead-up to the May 9 election. At times, the sheer intensity of the government’s feel-good tagline “Our opportunity is here” ads felt like psychological carpet-bombing. ... Read More »

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