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Letter: It’s not true

bruce milne stock

(Re “Can Sechelt survive?”, letters, the Local, March 16) I have no idea where Mr. White is getting his information about District of Sechelt cash reserves as stated in his recent letter to the Local. Geoff White implies that our reserves have gone from $5 million to $2 million in the past two years (2015 ... Read More »

Get over it


(Re “Can Sechelt survive?”, letters, the Local, March 16) Geoff White, enough with all your derogatory remarks against our Mayor and Council. American Democrats can’t get over Hillary’s loss in the election and you and your wife Carolyn Minchin (White) can’t get over your friend and neighbour John Henderson’s decisive loss. Your comment about $3 ... Read More »

Letter: DCC changes are not ‘nothing’

Sechelt municipal hall - sunny - 72

(Re “Can Sechelt survive?”, letters, the Local, March 16) Geoff White has tried to nickname Bruce Milne as the “Do Nothing” Mayor yet the Development Cost Charge (DCC) bylaw update this Council delivered is a significant achievement that the taxpayers can take to the bank. Marc Nixon, Selma Park  Read More »

Green and expensive


As stated by the Gibsons Mayor in the Local (Talk of the Town, Feb.9), the geothermal in Parkland has issues. In truth it is in crisis. The Parkland geothermal is a utility company owned by the Gibsons taxpayers and operated by the Town of Gibsons. It was established about 10 years ago to make Gibsons ... Read More »

Letter: Time for a limit

LNG pic 2

Along with hundreds of others, I submitted my objections to the Woodfibre LNG facility during the environmental assessment process. In scanning other submissions, I noticed very few were in favour of this hazardous facility in our recovering Howe Sound, for many good reasons including the huge risks far outweighing the insignificant gains. Now I find ... Read More »

Letter: A new low

bc legislature

I didn’t think my cynicism about mainstream political parties could sink lower, but the revelations about vested-interest donations to the Liberals and the NDP have set a new low-water mark. Through their ‘envelope’ campaigns and targeted corporate and union ‘strongarm’ strategies to extract millions of dollars, these parties are making a sham of the notion ... Read More »

Not a fan


It’s time for Mayor Milne to focus on cleaning up his own backyard. Sechelt is in an absolute mess. Two-thirds of our cash reserves have disappeared during his two years in office. How much on severance, legal fees and consulting studies, Mr. Milne? What value have we received for the $3,000,000 (three million) gone from ... Read More »

Clean house


(Re “SCRD politicians’ pay to be reviewed”, the Local, March 2) Wonderful to see Mark Lebbell so forthcoming in the Local on the question of pay for SCRD directors, he being one of them. Back when I was on the Board we doubled our pay from a paltry $10,000 per year or so to $20,000. ... Read More »

Letter: Hold the line

gibsons council george vote web

(Re “SCRD politicians’ pay to be reviewed”, the Local, March 2) Serving as both a Municipal Councillor and an SCRD Director and attending all meetings was full time work in the past when both positions required attendance at several committees and being chair of at least one. In addition the Town of Gibsons sent liaisons ... Read More »

Letter: Be part of the solution

scrd coast

(Re “New to Coast”, letters, the Local, Feb. 23 and “Real estate advice”, letters, the Local, March 2) In follow up to Sandy Beresford’s real estate advise to Bruce Eagles, I just want to say to Bruce that not all of us are as hasty as Sandy in suggesting that you look elsewhere. Firstly, let ... Read More »

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