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A special driver

To those of you who take transit on the Coast on a regular basis, you have probably heard the news by now that John Atkinson – the affable, tall and always smiling night and weekend driver – passed away on Oct. 17. He was only 55 years old. I have been taking transit my entire ... Read More »

That’s our water

(Re “Gibsons objects to drilling”, the Local, Nov. 9) I am hereby calling on all Gibsonites to stand up together in protest to the SCRD’s terrible plan to drill a hole in the ground on their land near our border to see if they can find some water.  Why, sure enough, that is our water. ... Read More »

Chlorine consumed

(Re “The chlorine problem”, letters, the Local, Nov. 9) Water Resource Centre (WRC) effluent that is discharged to the environment is not chlorinated.  All chlorine used to clean the filter membranes is used up in the process. The backwash water from the filter membranes goes to the front of the plant where it mixes with ... Read More »

Logging without logic

(Addressed to our MLA and the Forests Minister, and copied to the Local) I read that the Province intends to give new licences to logging companies to clear-cut new sections of the forest close to where we live.  One of these sections is known as the Elphinstone Forest, an area that our citizens have been ... Read More »

More urgency, please

Earlier this fall I communicated with both Sechelt Mayor Milne and SCRD Director Lebbell regarding our community growth and the fact that our water resources cannot keep up to our development. Both responded with the same plan and direction: source development and conservation. To me, conservation means repairing our leaky infrastructure. This is supposed to ... Read More »

The elk are fine

(Re “ELF worried about elk”, the Local, Nov. 2.) Biologist Wayne McCrory and ELF (Elphinstone Logging Focus) spokesmen Ross Muirhead and Hans Penner can rest assured that the southern Sunshine Coast elk population are not going to be depleted or remotely threatened by the Sunshine Coast Community Forest & BCTS proposed cutbacks in both Wilson ... Read More »

Protect the elk

(Addressed to Sechelt council and copied to the Local) Sechelt Mayor and Council need to act on principle and have the Sunshine Coast Community Forest’s EW28 deferred from clearcut logging pending further studies. The study to be undertaken by the local Ministry of Environment (MOE) and Ministry of Forests (MOF) is to map and identify ... Read More »

The chlorine problem

(Addressed to Sechelt council and copied to the Local) Chlorinated wastewater effluents were added to the list of toxic substances in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act in 1999.  This is the reason why all new sewage plants in Canada are required to disinfect the effluent by other means such as ultra violet light.  Chlorination is ... Read More »

Shame on you

(Addressed to Gibsons council and copied to the Local) I note that the town is taking a “go slow” approach to affordable housing in Gibsons and choosing not to immediately endorse the Sunshine Coast Housing Society’s proposal for multi-unit rental development on the Charman Creek Lands.  Of all the developments to be speedy on, this ... Read More »

Time for action

(Re “Search for more water continues”, the Local, Oct. 26) Here we go again. Another report. Wait. Be patient. We know the problem. We have a lot of major building projects on the books that will need water. Etc. Etc. Etc. No, sorry SCRD, the time for reports and waiting is over. The time for ... Read More »

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