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Gospel Rock 

Block 7 (46.64 acres), in the territory of the Squamish First Nation, has an immense history. Private owners for 120 years allowed extensive use of the land by the public. A man named Mr. Messenger passed away in 1979, sending the property on the long and winding road of different owners and attempts to develop ... Read More »

Asking questions is not interrogation

(Re: “Gospel Rock and other chairing challenges,” article, the Local, March 25) Thank you, Councillor Annemarie De Andrade, for doing your job as a councillor representing the residents of Gibsons by asking hard questions and taking the time to “do your own research” to educate yourself on the matters before council. Mayor Beamish, don’t you ... Read More »

System deficiencies

(Re: “Vaccine bookings,” letters, the Local, March 25) Jennie Tschoban is impatient with complaints about BC’s vaccine roll-out and asks what the big deal is about waiting on the phone to book an appointment. The big deal is COVID-19. With daily cases at near-record levels, a reliable booking system is crucial. Yet even with a ... Read More »

Vaccine bookings

I don’t understand all the complaints about wait-times to make an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine. We are stuck at home, so what’s the big deal of holding the phone in your hand? It sounds like these impatient callers expect hundreds of workers to sit by the phone just waiting for it to ring. Anyhow, ... Read More »

Postal code changes

So, in Sechelt, Canada Post is to change our postcode. No reason or justification was given. It is easy to let family and friends around the world know but not so easy, not always possible, for others with whom we have infrequent contact or have lost touch. I received a letter and magazine this past ... Read More »


Since hearing about the struggles that a friend of mine is enduring over the need for reasonable repairs to her rented living space in Gibsons, I am compelled to write this letter. It’s really apparent that there is an urgent need to have responsible bylaws and/or legislation that better protects tenants on the Sunshine Coast. ... Read More »


(Re: Letters, the Local, March 18) Interesting selection of letters last week – I also thought the “eunuch” joke was cheesy, but if you are a male, you will have already experienced the animosity displayed by females if you ever innocently wander into a playground full of children all by yourself – men are easy ... Read More »

Healing power

(Re: “Supportive Housing,” cover, the Local, March 18) Well, Gibsons! About the new supportive housing building on School Road. I hope the healing power on the inside is as strong as the images just applied on the outside. J. Imanse, Gibsons Read More »

National pharmacare

(Open letter to MP Patrick Weiler) Everyone in Canada deserves access to the prescription medications they need. Yet 7.5 million Canadians have insufficient or no drug coverage, and some are more vulnerable than others – including racialized Canadians and women. Many are making difficult decisions by cutting spending on food and heat to ensure their ... Read More »

Great blue heron!

(Re: “Blue herons identified as significant juvenile salmon predator,” article, the Local, March 11) If the point of the new UBC study is to identify predators of juvenile salmon, shouldn’t we take into account the sea lice generated by the salmon farms? Well-established science shows that sea lice from fish farms kill out-migrating juvenile salmon. ... Read More »

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