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Dandelions on the roof 

(Re “New design for Eagle View condos”, the Local, Dec. 21) The flat green roofs are green because they are covered in grass. They will be brown in the summer when there is no rain and they cannot be watered because of Gibsons’ annual watering restrictions. The roofs are not accessible to residents and one ... Read More »

Poor choice of words

(Re “Recycling reassurance”, letters, the Local, Jan. 4) Regarding Silas White’s rebuttal to my letter of Dec. 28. Councillor White takes issue with your printing my statement that “we are going to lose the recycling depot soon”. He is right. It was a poor choice of words. I should have said, “There are no guarantees ... Read More »

Drivers needed

The Vancouver Coastal Hearth volunteer driving program is in URGENT need of new drivers. The program provides driving to medical appointments locally and into Vancouver. Drivers pick up clients from their homes, take them to an appointment, wait and drive client home after the appointment.  Drivers receive compensation for gas.  If going to Vancouver, fares ... Read More »

Our purpose

(Re “More home support”, letters, the Local, Dec. 28) On behalf of the Community Resource Centre’s Seniors Planning Table, thank you for publishing our letter to the minister of health. We would like your readers to know that our purpose in sending this letter to the minister of health was to follow through with a ... Read More »

A couple of bad people

I was very upset to hear a good friend of mine, and well-known community contributor, had her family house broken into on Mason Road in West Sechelt on Christmas Day. Tens of thousands of dollars of damage was done to the property, expensive items taken and her three boys’ Christmas presents were stolen while her ... Read More »

Recycling reassurance

(Re “Recycling puzzle”, letters, the Local, Dec. 28) You must’ve missed the mistake that appeared in last week’s letters section, that “we are going to lose the [Gibsons recycling] depot soon.” While we are all entitled to our opinions and your editorial page is a great place for sharing them, I believe most newspapers still ... Read More »

Good old days (1)

(Re “A 10-minute study”, letters, the Local, Dec. 28) The small dreamers of the Sunshine Coast actually believe that the BC Government was serious when they initiated the Binnie & Associates study of a fixed link across Howe Sound.   The BC Ferry Corp. is going to spend a whole lot of money improving the ... Read More »

Good old days (2)

So, the provincial government has decided that a fixed crossing is too expensive. They have decided that our patch of water is not as important in the grand scheme of things as that bridge to Prince Edward Island, or the Champlain Bridge across the river in Montreal. Or even the “free” ferries that ply the ... Read More »

Not local

(Re “Editorial Opinion”, the Local, Dec. 21) The Editorial Opinion suggests some wonderful gifts for Christmas, five of which may be obtained through To the best of my knowledge, is not a local business and contributes very little, if anything, to the local economy. Am I missing something, or are you (unaware, perhaps) ... Read More »

Recycling puzzle

(Addressed to Gibsons council and copied to the Local) I have mixed feelings about the plan to move garbage collection to bi-weekly, alternating with organics pick-up. It’s not because I’m worried about whether or not I, as a home-composter, will be getting a discount. I think those of us who compost will continue to do ... Read More »

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