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Save the salmon


(Addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and copied to the Local) Your government’s action to safeguard the Right Whale population was prompt and substantial, and demonstrates what is possible under the demanding circumstances of the oceans bordering on Canada’s Maritime Provinces. We would greatly appreciate comparable action to safeguard the wild salmon population from depredation ... Read More »

History in a barrel 


In the late-1980s, Principal Sam Reid of Gibsons Elementary School organized the assembly of a time-capsule containing videotape recordings, student work, and multiple artifacts of the era, and then sealed and buried it below an enclosed staircase leading to the school gym, marked for recovery in 2020. I was a teacher’s aide at the time ... Read More »

On pipelines, and joy


On Saturday (Sept. 16) we went to the Raven’s Cry Theatre to see the film “This Living Salish Sea” and it was amazing. Filmmaker Sarama shows us what is “under the waves” – brilliant colours, beautiful fish, ancient glass sponge reefs, undulating octopi. He spends a good deal of time telling, quite persuasively, what we ... Read More »

A desperate need


The other day I was waiting on Trail Avenue to go onto Teredo Street/Hwy 101. There was traffic going both ways on Hwy. 101. Trail Avenue is the main exit onto Hwy. 101 from the shopping centre. We desperately need a traffic light at this intersection before there is a serious accident and someone is ... Read More »

Stop the abuse


Today (Friday, Sept. 8, at 2:50 pm) I arrived at Horseshoe Bay early for the 4:30 ferry to Langdale, 100 minutes before sailing time.  I was stopped outside the toll booth, with many others, facing a “Full” sign, and the news I would have to wait for the 5:50 ferry.   A three-hour wait.  At ... Read More »

Not suitable


Within two blocks of the homeless shelter being proposed by BC Housing and Rain City Housing, there are five strata developments of townhouses, two apartment buildings, the Sechelt Heritage Marsh (very well frequented by local residents), the Seniors Activity Centre, a bicycle park and some detached family homes. This neighborhood consists principally of senior citizens, ... Read More »

Let’s see the tab


Just to set the record straight I would like to dispel the latest rhetoric coming out of Gibsons town hall regarding the costs attributed to the George Hotel and who is to blame. The information is misleading and one sided and does not tell the whole story of the true costs of this project. The ... Read More »

Walk and win


I would like to extend a special thank you to all those who came out on the historical walks of Gibsons this summer, both in numbers and enthusiasm. To show my appreciation I will raffle off for free a hard copy of my dad’s book “The Gibsons Landing Story”. To qualify, just show up five ... Read More »

It smells wrong  


There are indeed citizens who act as watchdogs – in every community.  We vote to elect responsible government, after diligent research of the candidates.  We keep abreast of local issues by attending public meetings, including those of Town Council.  We avail ourselves of information pertaining to proposed developments, via the internet and the Freedom of ... Read More »

The common good


(re “Plaza needed”, letters, the Local, Aug. 17”) I agree with Ken Dibnah’s letter in which he suggests a town plaza for Sechelt.  Town squares have been a part of western society going back to ancient Greece in 500 BC. Properly planned, modern day public spaces serve the common good, providing a community locale for ... Read More »

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