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P for passengers


BC Ferries has found another way to piss off its customers: yesterday morning (July 12) at Langdale the foot passengers were kept standing in their pen until every last car and camper was wedged on board. Not only were we forced to suck in all the CO2 fumes but then we had to squeeze our ... Read More »

Wrong problem


This loading system will leave people in wheelchairs or kids in strollers or folks with big wheelie suitcases without access to the on board elevator unless a car lane connecting the ramp to the first elevator location is left free of cars. It will likely also leave cyclists and walk on people with pets scrambling ... Read More »

Lulu Lemon bridge? 


I don’t know what’s more pathetic: the way BC Ferries is run, or me writing this thinking it may make a difference. I live in Pender Harbour and commute to North Van 4-5 days a week. The federal government has committed $17 million for terminal upgrades (in Langdale). BC Ferries says they don’t have an ... Read More »

Jail the owners

P 2 B sinking boat pic 3

(Re “Derelict boats a big problem”, the Local, July 13) Thanks to Donna McMahon for her informative piece.  Abandoned vessels are a problem world-wide, but in small ecosystems lacking substantial tidal flows, a release of gas or oil would likely be a significant disaster. Canada does not need to reinvent the wheel to address this ... Read More »

Fire ban is serious


On July 6 I reported a large beach fire just past Selma park at 9pm, just hours after a total fire ban was issued. Turned out to be a local home owner burning yard waste below the high tide line. He had no clue how dangerous this was. He did not even have a bucket  ... Read More »

Still available


(Re: “Selling the spirit of Canada in Sechelt”, the Local, June 29) Thank you so much for publishing the story about the “Chicken Soup” book sale fundraiser for John Phare’s memorial street furniture. His daughter even came to buy a book. It was wonderful to meet all those people. We didn’t sell the 80, about ... Read More »

Pre-emptive protest


(Addressed to BC Ferries and copied to the Local)  I wish to make a comment regarding the proposed trial change to passenger loading procedures in Langdale. As a foot passenger, I arrive early, get my ticket and watch the ferry arrive. While I wait to board, I get to inhale all the exhaust from the ... Read More »

Common sense urged


(Addressed to Sechelt Council and copied to the Local) As a local small business owner who has their store in Trail Bay Centre, I wanted to express some concerns about the discussion around the Rexall / RX Drugmart changeover, and the restrictive sign bylaw that has created the issue. A substantial part of Sechelt (at ... Read More »

Tax rise unacceptable


Our 2017 taxes were recently payable, and my tax increase of 14.45 per cent is unacceptable and financially unsustainable. A disproportionate amount of the increase was due to general municipal taxes and sewer related increases. And the long term financial impact for sewer charges and fees is not positive. Sechelt Council reallocated a large and ... Read More »

Following the plan


(Addressed to For Love of Gospel Rock Society in reply to “Be a hero”, letters, the Local, June 22) As a bit of background, I have been involved in the real estate development business in China for past 20 years, most recently focusing on resort development in southern China. Our connection to Canada began a ... Read More »

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