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Mask rebuttal

(Re: “Cartoon that!,” letters, the Local, Oct. 29) To reply to PJ Reese’s letter last week, I would like to say what a comfort it is to know that we have someone on the Coast who can “look at the data” and determine that we don’t need masks. All those infectious disease specialists and epidemiologists ... Read More »

Opening rec facilities

(Open letter to the SCRD Board of Directors) Thank you for deciding to open the Sechelt Aquatic Centre. This centre is a valuable asset to our community, its residents, and visitors to the Coast. I would also like to thank the centre’s staff who provide the usual lifesaving duties and are expertly guiding us through ... Read More »

New highway warning

(Re: “Highway support misleading,” letters, the Local, Oct. 22) I couldn’t agree more with Annette Clarke in her warning about a new highway on the Coast. A new highway – or by-pass – would destroy much of our wildlife habitat. It would also destroy the trail networks in the hillsides and create a whole new ... Read More »

Culture of complaining

(Re: “Find somewhere else to stroll,” letters, the Local, Oct. 22) Lululemon has chipped in a lot to do with perfect packaging for an imperfect world. Thank you, Linda Ruiz, for your letter. It reprimands those who would impose their tight-bottomed culture of complaining. I prefer a culture of tolerance. Many behaviours irk me on ... Read More »

Cartoon that!

(Re: Weekly Cartoon, the Local. Oct. 22) Last week’s cartoon depicts a guy saying NO to masks, lockdowns, and vaccines. He’s met with a counter-strategy—say YES to COVID-19. But are the two mutually exclusive? NO. The naysayer may well agree, YES, there’s a virus loose upon the land. It’s just NOT worthy of draconian lockdown ... Read More »

Gas monopoly on the Coast

Gasoline in North Vancouver stations is standing at $119.9 and in West Vancouver at $118.9, as of Oct. 24. Why has the price of gas remained unchanged for this entire year on the Sunshine Coast at $128.9? Last year, I complained about the gas price, which was then $142.9. The price never changed. The Labor ... Read More »

Highway 101 rebuttal

(Re: “Highway support misleading,” letters, the Local, Oct. 22) The Sunshine Coast Highway Society’s Petition signed by over 6,400 people and presented to the BC Legislature, clearly referenced the need for a new bypass highway route. A full copy of the Petition, available on our website, ends with: “Your petitioners respectfully request that the Legislative ... Read More »

Dog shelter woes

(Re: “Fundraising for dog park amenities,” the Local, Oct. 8) I like the idea of the off-leash doggie park on Ebbtide Street in Sechelt. However, to build a shelter there, may well benefit more homeless people to set up camp in the park. There is already low-income housing in the neighbourhood. I am a senior ... Read More »

Find somewhere else to stroll

(Re: “Aggressive Dogs,” letters, the Local, Oct. 15) To the writer so offended at the off-leash park – find somewhere else to stroll. There are miles and miles of dog free trails. Years ago, when I moved here with my well-behaved Neapolitan Mastiffs, the by-law was fine with off-leash in Cliff Gilker Park. Since then, ... Read More »

Cookies and StoryBots

This week, I witnessed a frustrated parent’s attempt to manage her petulant child’s rebellious behavior in a parking lot. The boy was refusing to get into his child safety seat, located in the back of the vehicle. From what I gathered, the child (around five years old) wanted to sit upfront with his mom. He ... Read More »

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