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Suzuki’s imagination 

(Re “Battling the ‘end times’”, editorial, the Local, Jan. 30) David Suzuki makes the rather startling claim that there are “politicians on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border” who hold and follow the belief that it is “their religious duty to help speed the end times” by destroying the Earth. These unidentified, unquoted politicians of ... Read More »

We need public care

There has been a lot of discussion about the shortage of (long-term) care facility beds on the Sunshine Coast and the trickle-down effect on acute care beds. For some people, the only answer is to build a private, for-profit facility funded by the Ministry of Health – in other words, by taxpayers. This despite the ... Read More »

Some weird stuff 

I attended the recent meeting at Gibsons town hall where former mayor Barry Janyk received an official apology from the town for the malicious rant by town chief administrative officer Manny Machado directed to Mr. Janyk and others, last June.  This was a brief affair, in which Mayor Beamish punted the recitation of the three-sentence ... Read More »

Editorial: Battling the “end times”

Let’s hope 2020 marks the start of a year and decade when we finally take climate disruption as seriously as the evidence shows we must. We understand the problem and know how to deal with it. Many solutions exist and more are being developed daily. Consuming less of everything, including energy, rapidly shifting to renewable ... Read More »

BC Ferries’ error

(Re “BC Ferries ‘insulting’”, letters, the Local, Jan.23) BC Ferries made a major error when they issued a letter to Mr. Roper authorizing courtesy Assured Loading upon presentation of a MSP TAP authorization at the Langdale terminal.  It is a classic example of “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.  Now the wheel needs more grease.  ... Read More »

On phones, logging

I would like to first sincerely thank Susan Fletcher for her succinct letter about cell phones (the Local, Jan. 16), and how they damage the male reproductive system. My uncle has, for over 20 years, warned his children and myself of how unsafe it is to press these phones against our temples, or carry them ... Read More »

Sewage funding

(A version of this letter was addressed to SCRD directors and copied to the Local)  We are sure that you are very aware of the tremendous concern, worry and anger that has arisen from the proposed waste water treatment facility funding. And, we hope that you are sensitive to how the proposal would have a ... Read More »

Reality show

For the past week, I have binged-out, watching CNN as the American Democrats present their arguments and evidence of corruption to impeach President Donald John Trump.  To date, the American Republicans refuse to obey subpoenas to testify in Senate to acknowledge – or deny – that they elected a truly corrupt (hu)man to run their ... Read More »

Editorial: Protect the carbon stores

We live on a changing planet. Unnaturally rapid global warming is altering everything, including lands and waters. Evidence shows we’ve already emitted enough greenhouse gases to alter the structure of ecosystems and interactions within them. Because many gases, such as carbon dioxide, remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years, impacts to the planet will ... Read More »

Where were the plows?

(Addressed to Capilano Highways, various government leaders, and copied to the Local) I am sure the recent snow storm affected many people in BC.  Here in Pender Harbour the consequences were unacceptable.  The maintenance of our highways and side streets was abysmal; snow removal was almost nonexistent.   My own road was finally plowed the ... Read More »

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