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Public art

(Open letter to Mayor Beamish) In response to your invitation for feedback (Talk of The Town, the Local, Feb.11), I propose that one important theme should be Gibsons’ history. A good place to start is with the historic artifacts already on public display, anonymously. For example, there are several parts of ship engines or other ... Read More »

Win, Win, Win

(Open letter to Sechelt Mayor & Councillors) Our board is pleased to offer the following additional comments regarding our “Win, Win, Win” recommendations as outlined in our letter of January to redevelop portions of Block 7 in downtown Sechelt: 1. The driving force behind our recommendation is the desperate shortage of workforce housing. This is ... Read More »

Hwy 101 corridor study

Staff of the Provincial Ministry of Transportation (MoTI) finally presented their long-awaited “Highway 101 Corridor Study – Sechelt to Gibsons” to the SCRD Transportation Advisory Committee on Jan. 21. Dated August 2020, the review was clearly a theoretical desktop exercise carried out without any real knowledge of our area and the pressing needs we face. ... Read More »

Reasonable expectation of privacy

(Re: Open letter to SCRD board) Members of the public living in both the SCRD and Sechelt that receive SCRD billed garbage collection services brought the recent article “Ban on food waste in garbage proposed” in the Local paper to my attention. They also brought to my attention the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ... Read More »

New ops building

District of Sechelt council is seeking electoral approval through the Alternative Approval Process (APP) to borrow $3 million to build a new operations building, which is to be repaid through MORE personal taxation. Response forms for those who oppose the loan must be received no later than Feb. 26 at 4pm. Council needs to realize ... Read More »

Thought police

(Re: “Post propaganda,” letters, the Local, Feb. 4) It is true that there is much misinformation and propaganda coming to us from social media, random emails or printed material. Just as Mr. Maser, I often feel offended by some of it; when that happens, the recycle bin is only a few steps away… Having grown ... Read More »

Post propaganda

The recent violent, attempted insurrection of the US Capitol was stoked by Donald Trump and millions of people circulating misinformation about various conspiracies from pedophile rings to pandemic hysteria. Though some social media platforms have moved to curtail this, much misinformation remains in circulation, feeding dissent and mistrust of public health guidance. To this end, ... Read More »

This is not a game

Remember when we were asked to put on seat belts to save lives? Oh, the moaning! “They wouldn’t work,” “Why, I heard of someone who died using one,” or “Someone didn’t die without one.” Now, we put them on routinely, and people survive horrendous accidents. So, here we are being asked to wear masks. “They ... Read More »

Many thanks

The CFUW Sunshine Coast (Canadian Federation of University Women) would like to thank the Local for their recent support of our virtual art exhibition “Tracing Footsteps” by Lynda Manson. This exhibition, which was attended by nearly 100 people from the Coast, across Canada, and even the US, has prompted generous contributions from donors. All proceeds ... Read More »

Unanswered questions

(Open letter to District of Sechelt re: Regular Council Meeting on Dec. 16, 2020) At this time, over a month has passed since I submitted questions to the District regarding the Alternate Approval Process (AAP). The District of Sechelt has failed to respond. Also, I note that the District appears to be inconsistent or evasive ... Read More »

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