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A loan to help you get out of hospital

The Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary Loan Cupboard is one important resource which isn’t a cupboard at all. It’s actually a service that provides hospital equipment for short-term loan free of charge to residents of the Coast. The Red Cross provides this type of service in other communities across BC. The Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary is ... Read More »

Flu season can bring another medical concern for kids

Flu season has arrived and for children with weak immune systems this can be a challenging time of the year.  “Otitis media”, inflammation of the middle ear, generally occurs in children with weakened immune systems.  It can flare up as an acute complication of the flu, tonsillitis, whooping cough, sinusitis or even a cold. For ... Read More »

Why you should get a flu shot

One shot could save your life when it comes to the flu, says a Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) doctor. “For healthy people, having the flu means a few days of feeling miserable, but for young children, pregnant women, the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, it can lead to a severe illness involving a ... Read More »

Dementia workshops offered

“You have dementia.” It’s a phrase being heard by an ever-increasing number of Sunshine Coast residents during a medical appointment. To help them understand this pressing health issue, the non-profit Alzheimer Society of BC brings two free workshops to Sechelt on Saturday, Oct. 14. Getting to Know Dementia is an introductory session that reviews basic ... Read More »

There are homeopathic treatments for some childhood disorders

If you are a parent, or an adult that works with children, you may be aware of the increased diagnosis and cases of disorders such as ADHD, ADD, OCD, ODD, anxiety, depression, aggression, and eating disorders that are occurring in children today. The homeopathic approach understands that each child is unique, and behaviors are only ... Read More »

Homeopathy: a medical go-to worldwide

Did you know that homeopathic medicine is the leading “alternative” treatment used by physicians in Europe?  Homeopathy is even more popular in India where, according to the British medical journal “The Lancet,” more than “100 million people depend on it solely and of these users 62 per cent have never tried conventional medicines and 82 ... Read More »

‘Aging Well’ is the focus of Foundation talk

The Sechelt Hospital Foundation invites you to attend “Aging Well,” our second speaker session focused on mental, physical and emotional well-being. The talk will take place this Sunday, August 27th at the Rockwood Pavilion in Sechelt, between 2 and 4 pm. Entrance will be by donation at the door. Please register via email at ... Read More »

Wish-list cheque present by Auxiliary

A big cheque with a really big number. Each year, the Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary responds to the “wish list” presented by Vancouver Coastal Health to support healthcare in our community. This year the request for a total of $273,000 will fund equipment for acute care at Sechelt Hospital, mental health and addictions, home care, ... Read More »

Forum on dying featured at Chatelech

The Sunshine Coast Hospice Society is hosting a cross-cultural discussion around dying, at Chatelech Secondary in Sechelt on June 22 at 7pm. This is a collaboration between the society and members of the shíshálh Nation as part of our community engagement program and our 30th anniversary celebrations. One of our mandates is to help people ... Read More »

Don’t let the heat get to you

Summer is approaching and for those who are prone to heat exhaustion or heatstroke, summer can have a whole other meaning. Heat stroke can be serious and come on suddenly. It most frequently affects older people, young children and people who exercise in the heat. The skin becomes hot and red, perspiration may be absent ... Read More »

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