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Weekly horoscope March 15 – 21

Tip of the Week: Mars at 29 Sagittarius at the time of the Pisces New Moon which officially occurs at 1:11 pm GMT represents a noteworthy theme. In mutual reception with Jupiter, there is an overall positive vibe woven into this moon-seed. However, planets at 29 degrees represent themes of overcoming. This can prove to ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope March 9-15

Tip of the Week: Earlier this week a rare and auspicious double conjunction of Sun and Neptune at 13 Pisces and Mercury, Venus and Chiron at 27 Pisces graced us all with the blessings of an extra high level of creative imagination. There remains time to claim this celestial gift and weave it into your ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope March 2 – 8

Tip of the Week:  Month 3 of this Universal 11-Year is now underway under the light of the Virgo Full Moon. It is having a strong influence and will throughout the week. Mercury in Pisces conjunct Venus is especially inspiring. Chiron is right in there supporting a focus on healing and is directing us to ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope February 23 – 29

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) Ducking out of the limelight for a while will prove rewarding. Getting away or going on some kind of retreat would be ideal. Yes, travel is indicated. If you can’t get away literally, find another way as with a good book perhaps. Meanwhile, settling accounts and attending to various ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope February 16 – 22

Tip of the week: The 1st Solar Eclipse of 2018 occurs on February 15th. It is packed with a lot of power potential. Yet, there stands to be a pull to the past tugging against a push for the future. It is generally past to move forward, but some are destined to slow an otherwise ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope February 9 – 15

Tip of the week: A historical Lunar Eclipse in our rearview, the implications of which linger like a large Tibetan Bell for those destined to receive its powerful impulse, the first of 4 Solar Eclipses fast approaches. Few assume that 2018, the Universal 11-Year, the root Master Number in Numerology, is destined to be anything ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope February 2 – 8

Month # 2 of Year # 11 begins. 11 is the primary Master Number in Numerology and can be understood not only as a metaphysical number but, more accurately, as the Number of Metaphysics. Generally, 11 can be understood as a number symbolic of higher levels of intelligence and creativity. This can be understood as ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope January 26 – February 1

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20) Pushing your interests and passions to the next level will become evident this week. Financial dealings and interests continue to play an important role. In fact, you may be pushing even harder; going for bigger stakes yet. Meanwhile, gatherings with friends new and old is a source of excitement ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope January 19 – 25

Horoscope for the Week This is the dawning of the sign of Aquarius. Under the light of the first New Moon of 2018 which occurred on January 16th at 26 Capricorn, the Sun enters Aquarius on January 19th, right on time. Thus begins the month-long period that can be understood as Aquarius time. Despite the ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope January 12 – 18

Horoscope for the Week: As 2018 gets underway, a powerful line-up of planets in Capricorn is a significant sign of our times. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are featured in this gathering. Like a meeting for CEO’s only, all present are rather serious and controlling types. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio meanwhile represent a ... Read More »

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