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Weekly horoscope February 17 – 23


Tip of the Week:  After a dramatic month in Aquarius beginning with the inauguration or Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States the Sun will enter Pisces on February 18 at 3:31 am PST. At the time of ingress the Moon will be in Scorpio where it experiences its highest range of ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope February 10 – 16


Tip of the Week The Moon waxes to full in Leo this weekend. A fire moon tends to be dramatic, for better or worse. With Venus moving fast to catch up with Mars in the early degrees of Aries, there is romance in the air as well. In fact, the proverbial lovers will be close ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope February 3 – February 9


Tip of the Week The New Moon in Aquarius seed is rounding its first corner, a.k.a. the 1st Quarter. It carries with it the impulse of new ideas. The emphasis is especially upon practical considerations, in keeping with the early days of this Universal 1-Year, the 1st of a round of 9. With Mars now in ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope January 27 – Feb 1


Tip of the Week: The New Moon in Aquarius happens on January 27 at 12:37 am PST. This exact moment also marks the official moment of Chinese New Year, although the celebrations generally occur the day following, so everyone in the world is on the same day. The Fire Rooster, a.k.a. the Phoenix is an ... Read More »

Your weekly horoscope January 20 – 25


Tip of the Week:  Aquarius time has begun! Western Astrology is based on the sun’s light and the time of the year that corresponds with the ‘natural signs for each sign’. With Aquarius here in the Northern Hemisphere, with the Tropic of Cancer serving as the mid-point between the Equator and the North Pole, we experience ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope January 13 – 19


Tip of the Week:  2017 is underway and has begun to build momentum. Mercury completed its retrograde cycle on January 8th and re-entered Capricorn on the 12th. Neptune conjunct Venus, Mars conjunct Chiron and the Lunar South Node all in Pisces, suggests that some of the inertia and laundry of yesteryear must still be addressed, and ... Read More »

Weekly Horoscope January 6 – 12


Tip of the Week:  Happy New Year! January begins under the light of the New Moon, yet one that also carries the weight of Mercury retrograde. Mars conjunct Neptune and the Lunar South Node adds to the mood producing a complex of emotions colored by imaginations conflicted between excited anticipation and trepid hesitation. Jupiter coerced ... Read More »

Horoscope for 2017


Overview:  A Universal 1-Year, 2017 will initiate a new 9-year cycle during which we can expect many new beginnings with massive social and global implications. Three significant astrological events will take place featuring Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn, the 3 main power signs of the Zodiac: The Lunar Nodes which comprise an 18-month cycle will shift ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope December 23 – 29


Tip of the Week:  This is it. The last week of 2016 is here. And, oh yes, it is Christmas time too. On the other side of Solstice, the Sun’s light has begun to increase in terms of hours in the day. These constitute three good reasons to rejoice and there are many more. While ... Read More »

Weekly horoscope December 16 – 22


Tip of the Week:  Winter Solstice, nature’s New Year occurs, as usual, on December 21st. A way to gain a sneak preview of the coming year for us all is to look closely at the exact moment of Winter Solstice. So, looking at the chart cast for the exact moment of solstice, which translates as ... Read More »

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