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Women’s history

For those who would like to know a bit of women’s history in preparation for International Women’s Day celebrations, I recommend Runaway Wives and Rogue Feminists by Margo Goodhand. It’s our uniquely Canadian story about women taking action to keep each other safe. The sections about women in BC will have some recognizable names for ... Read More »

No logging in Gibsons Aquifer Recharge Zone

(Open letter to Stacey Gould, BC Timber Sales Manager) Our organization would like to comment on a series of BCTS blocks planned on the south-facing slopes of Mt. Elphinstone directly above the Town of Gibsons within the identified Gibsons Aquifer Recharge Zone. The largest block is TA0519 (to be sold 2023), with blocks to the ... Read More »

Inhumane rebuttal

(Re: “Inhumane,” letters, the Local, Feb. 18) I have just moved to Sechelt, and enjoy my new environment very much, as well as reading the Local. I am irritated with Carole James’ comments calling Sechelt Hospital’s COVID-19 visitor restrictions “inhumane.” She even went as far as comparing the safety precautions of the hospital a “somewhat ... Read More »

User fees

The taxes on my little household in West Sechelt are almost double what they would be in a similar house in similar circumstances in North Saanich. Our ferries are packed with weekenders and vacationers who come up here for holidays and outdoor experiences, complete with a trunk load of Costco supplies. These visitors are an ... Read More »

IWD 2021

Spring is just around the corner, which means International Women’s Day is on its way on March 8. This year would have been the Sunshine Coast Labour Council’s 17th annual IWD celebration at the Roberts Creek Hall, with potluck and entertainment by local talents and inspirational speakers. Instead, we will be focusing our campaign on ... Read More »


With Alzheimer’s Awareness Month 2021 at an end, the Alzheimer Society of BC would like to thank the people of Sechelt and the rest of the Sunshine Coast for the role they play in helping to change the future for people living with dementia and their families across BC. While the Alzheimer Society of BC’s ... Read More »

A ways to go

I would like to comment on the improving quality of your paper. I think Connie Jordison is doing a fine job and improving monthly. I also believe that you are allowing more diversity of opinion but still have a ways to go. David Suzuki is becoming tiresome. His diatribes are repetitive and lack credence. He ... Read More »

Stump to dump

Our organization (ELF) has concerns regarding a planned Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF) operation in a sensitive forest ecosystem. SCCF will be requesting tenders for ‘stump to dump’ roadbuilding and logging in the Halfmoon Bay area in the coming months. There’s been no public process allowing input into the planning of two cutblocks , which ... Read More »


Sechelt Hospital’s COVID-19 visitor restrictions are inhumane. Imagine an elderly patient with ongoing health challenges in the hospital indefinitely. His wife of more than 50 years, now living alone, can only visit her husband once a week for a mere half-hour. She has to wear a mask, not touch her husband, and stay six feet ... Read More »

Public art

(Re: Open letter to Mayor Beamish) Thank you for your comments, Sheila. I agree that we can do more to recognize our marine and cultural history. We have reached out to the Squamish Nation, and members have been involved with the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, some of the utility boxes, the Public Market and soon, ... Read More »

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