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A prize winner

(Re: Phare Lake Friends, Rand Rudland photo, the Local, Jan. 28) The picture on the front page of the Local is truly a prize winner. The Trumpeter swans swimming in perfect formation are indeed a sight to behold. Phare Lake, formerly Wormy Lake, where these swans posed for this magnificent photo, is now easily accessed ... Read More »

Face up to it and act

(Re: “Climate change and green energy,” letters, the Local, Jan. 21) In his letter, Paul Rhodes is quite correct in writing that the media have too often oversimplified the highly complex interactions between energy, environment and economy. Those who work at this interface will appreciate the nuances and conundrums implicit in this tangle of issues. ... Read More »

Be the change you want to see

(Re: “US crisis shows need to speak truth to power,” editorial, the Local, Jan.21) Divisive politics, and dare I add divisive journalism, is continuing to spread the divide between people worldwide. What exactly is being accomplished by continuing to lay blame for climate change, income inequality, capitalism, and consumerism on only the world’s richest people ... Read More »


(Re: “Climate change and green energy,” letters, the Local, Jan.21) It is easy to factually dispute every sentence in Mr. Rhodes’s misinformation letter to the editor last week, but I’ll just stick to one area. He seems to have a puerile hate-on for one of Canada’s most respected and reputable scientists – David Suzuki, and ... Read More »


(Re: “Climate change and green energy,” letters, the Local, Jan.21) Very pleased to see your lead-off letter by Paul Rhodes with his critique. The community badly needs this kind of fair journalistic play in the public forum. PJ Reece, Lower Gibsons Read More »

David Suzuki

(Re: “Climate change and green energy,” letters, the Local, Jan.21) Thank you, Mr. Rhodes, for drawing attention to the David Suzuki pieces carried regularly by the Local. I appreciate such easy access to Suzuki’s views of humanity, society and the environment. Defenders of Alberta’s fossil fuel industries, like current Premier Kenney, will emphasize that Canada ... Read More »

Climate alarmists

(Re: “Climate change and green energy,” letters, the Local, Jan.21) I congratulate your newspaper for defying “political correctness” and publishing the contribution from Mr. Paul Rhodes. Mr. Rhodes is correct in his assertion that most of the media, the press included, advocate for climate change alarmists. Linking extreme weather events or natural disasters to global ... Read More »

We can do this

(Re: “Climate change and green energy,” letters, the Local, Jan.21) Why would listening to learned scientists and people who learn from science be misleading? What is the other side, fantasy or whistful thinking? Comparing our country to others is childish, like refusing to put on a life jacket because our older brother doesn’t have one ... Read More »

New operations building

Conversations are springing up in the community about the new operations building the District of Sechelt wants to build. The proposed facility is not extravagant but rather a very modest building with room to grow as the community grows. It is a 1,000 square metre (roughly 10,000 square feet) operational building. For scale, this is ... Read More »

Climate change and green energy

You journalists give widespread coverage to these two important subjects. However, by accident or design, you grossly mislead your readers and the general public. You give endless space to people like David Suzuki, Greta Thunberg – the teenage Swedish superhero – and letters calling for our politicians and the general public to reduce our production ... Read More »

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