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Weekly Cartoon March 15

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Editorial: Water strategy all wet

Like generals intent on winning the next war using the previous war’s tactics, the SCRD board of directors has opted to stick with its dated plan for the lower Sunshine Coast’s inadequate tap-water supply. In a split vote at its March 8 meeting, they defeated a motion by Board Chair and Sechelt Mayor Bruce Milne ... Read More »

Message for Mr. Dix

Our health minister, Adrian Dix, will be here on Monday, March 19 to talk to us about health care – specifically, one would assume, the proposed Trellis long term care facility.  This proposal has been out there for the better part of two years. We’ve discussed job losses, wage cuts, and contract flipping.  We’ve discussed ... Read More »

Real estate equity

Tell Nic Simons to back off trying to implement the Foreign Buyers Tax here on the Sunshine Coast. It smells of elitism and racism. Most of the seniors on the Sunshine Coast do not have a gold-plated tax-payer-funded government pension – which our MLA does – and rely on the equity in our homes to ... Read More »

Water complexities

(Re “Morality of water”, letters, the Local, March 8) The running of a water distribution system is very complex. The Town aquifer wells provide the average daily demand of the Town’s Zone 1 and 2 but are insufficient to provide the maximum daily demand or the required fire flow. The Parkland Reservoir has been engineered ... Read More »

A precious gift

I wanted to share a story of strangers’ kindness in our community. Last Friday night, my husband, who’s critically ill in Sechelt Hospital, wanted a muffin. Since Wheatberries at the hospital was closed, I went to Independent Grocer. The only muffins left had chocolate chips in them; since my hubby is newly diabetic, I didn’t ... Read More »

Words of little value

(Re “Pull of the Tide” by MP Pam Goldsmith-Jones, the Local, March 8) Your column contains excerpts from the remarks you will make honouring Dominic LeBlanc, minister of fisheries and oceans, and congratulating him and your government on Bill C-68, which will give more protection to our fish and our oceans. I for one can’t ... Read More »

Editorial: Controlling pests humanely

For anyone who has dealt with an infestation of mice in their basement or a squirrel chewing through their home wiring, quick and effective action is a must. But can the problem be solved without unnecessary harm to animals? Thanks to AnimalKind, a new program launched by the BC SPCA, the answer is yes. AnimalKind ... Read More »

Morality of water

(Addressed to the Gibsons mayor and copied to the Local) Could you please explain to me why I am not receiving my water from the Town of Gibsons’ 2,600,000-litre aquifer reservoir that you built in my Parkland subdivision six years ago. You boast that the Town of Gibsons has unlimited water from the aquifer and ... Read More »

Sound of gravel

(Re “Talking gravel at the SCRD”, the Local, March 1) On a positive note, maybe if the mine there (at McNab Creek) is allowed, it would put the mine in the middle of downtown Sechelt out of business and then we would not be subjected to ridiculous noise levels all hours of the day and ... Read More »

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