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Air monitors

The Sunshine Coast Clean Air Society has recently received a shipment of “Purple Air” air quality monitors and would love to see them in Egmont, Secret Cove, Tuwanek, Sandy Hook, and Wilson Creek especially. Using WiFi, these laser particle-counters update air quality data to a map in real time, as well as temperature and humidity ... Read More »

Go teams

Just wanted to do a quick shout out to all the local sports organizers. Particularly I wanted to point out the Riptide “three on three” hockey at Sechelt arena April 19-21, and Friday night spring soccer at many of the parks. The “three on three” is fast and fun and happens every year and is ... Read More »

Weekly cartoon April 25, 2019

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Editorial: A lesson from Russia

It’s heartening, in the midst of the human-caused sixth mass extinction, to find good wildlife recovery news. As plant and animal species disappear faster than they have for millions of years, Russia’s Siberian, or Amur, tigers are making a comeback. After falling to a low of just a few dozen in the mid-20th century, the ... Read More »

Aquifer alert

(Addressed to the Gibsons mayor and copied to the Local) I am sorry to have missed the Town council meeting of April 16 when you made the proclamation that May would be water month in Gibsons. I would have like to have spoken to this proclamation as I did not see the word aquifer mentioned ... Read More »

Use your ashtray

For the past couple of years, I have been growing increasingly alarmed at the number of cigarette butts being flicked out of the window and into our yard and forest along Sechelt Inlet Road. Surely, I need not remind residents and visitors on the Coast of the dangers of forest fires and the risk they ... Read More »

Problem smoke

With a recent complaint about someone who started their wood fire while children were playing in a nearby sports field, it feels like a good time to remind the community that they can send an email to including the address (with postal code and the burner’s name, if possible) telling us what type of ... Read More »

Save hikers’ forest

(Address to Forests Minister Doug Donaldson and copied to the Local) I am saddened by the fact that the Clack Creek block is being offered for logging bids. I have been living on the Sunshine Coast for the last 13 years and my main exercise and activity is hiking. I am not against logging as ... Read More »

Cynical to log now

(Addressed to Forests Minister Doug Donaldson and Environment Minister George Heyman, and copied to the Local) We noted with dismay a notice that BC Timber Sales (BCTS) has advertised the timber of Clack Creek forest for sale and that thus Clack Creek Forest will clear-cut. We urge you to stop the sale of Clack Creek ... Read More »

Weekly cartoon April 18, 2019

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