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Chapman Watershed logging causes concern

ELF says it asked the SCRD to put the issue of buying the private land in the Chapman watershed to a referendum but that the SCRD board “lacked the political will”. Photo submitted

AJB Investments (Surespan, North Vancouver) is back logging on the west side of the Chapman Creek watershed to finish off a block they had walked away from in 2014.

Logging resumed several weeks ago and will remove the last third of the block left behind when Surespan agreed to stop logging due to public concerns and a roadblock that had stopped operations. Before the roadblock was erected in 2014, fallers had already logged approx. two-thirds of the block. Logging is occurring approximately 1km above the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s (SCRD) water intake.

AJB owns up to 160 Ha (400 acres) of private lands within the Chapman Creek drinking watershed boundaries. The value of these lands is approximated to be $7 million.

“In 2014, when Elphinstone Logging Focus (ELF) and others stopped Surespan from completing the logging of Blk CH1, we urged the SCRD to engage with AJB Investments to work out terms for a buyout so that the public’s drinking watershed could be protected from clear-cut logging and the associated harms to water quality and quantity,” said Ross Muirhead of ELF.


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