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Coast resident caught in online scam

Coast resident caught in online scam

On March 3, a Coast resident reported being scammed after receiving a communication on his computer from someone fraudulently purporting to be from Microsoft.

The resident was advised that a computer virus had locked the resident’s files and that Microsoft could help release the files for a small fee. The resident gave the caller his credit card information and the computer was unlocked remotely.

The resident later received another call from someone again pretending to be from Microsoft, advising that the resident actually had a warranty and therefore was entitled to a refund for the fees he paid earlier. The caller then asked for the resident’s banking information in order to process the refund. The resident grew suspicious and did not provide any further financial information. Police advised the resident to cancel any credit cards used to pay for this scam, and to advise his bank to flag his account for any suspicious activity.

To learn about this and other popular scams, please visit sites such as the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at or the Better Business Bureau at

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Sunshine Coast RCMP continue to receive reports of a variety of overpayment scams.  If any person or company tells you that they have mistakenly overpaid you, whether it be by cheque, online banking, or any means, do not return any funds or provide them with any personal information until you have confirmed that they are not a scammer. If in doubt, contact your financial institution or Sunshine Coast RCMP for more information.

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