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Out of control vehicle splinters Arts Centre wall

P 1 arts centre wall pic 1It was a shock around noon on Feb. 2 when a car drove into the Doris Crowston Gallery at the Arts Centre in Sechelt, destroying one of the unique log building’s walls. Staff said there were no patrons in the gallery at that moment, although 10 minutes earlier people had been standing in the crash location, viewing paintings. One of the paintings, by Megan Mansbridge, was destroyed. The elderly driver was shaken but unhurt. She had been backing up in the parking lot of the Seniors Activity Centre and failed to stop. The wall has been boarded up with plywood while the centre figures out how to repair the building, designed by the late Clarke Steabner and built as a community project in 1979. In the meantime, the exhibition continues–Wednesday to Sunday until Feb. 26–with paintings by Mansbridge, Mieke Bray and Mary Dolman.  Sheenah Main photo

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