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Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles

(Re: “The benefits of crossword puzzles,” the Local, Nov. 26)
The article in last week’s issue “The benefits of crossword puzzles,” was interesting and, for proof of these benefits, my personal experience indicates they are all “positive.” I have been completing a crossword, every day, at breakfast, for approximately 30 years (nearly 11,000) and they seem to get easier as the years roll by.
The process sharpens my mind, makes me linger a little longer over eating, which aids digestion, and makes me feel good when the task is successfully completed. Every Christmas I look forward to opening the gift from my daughter, a 365-day calendar with a crossword for each day, issued by the New York Times.
I am blessed with good health (for a 90-year-old) and still have a sharp mind, aided also by playing multiple games of UPWORDS (3-dimensional Scrabble). My “creativity” genes are still working overtime, having just invented a new board game and numerous word-games, as well as detailed designs for a new Municipal Hall, Affordable Housing for Seniors and Hostels for the Homeless (submitted to various governmental departments).
I can highly recommend the practice of “doing” crosswords to anyone who would like to enjoy happiness and longevity in their later lives.
Ralph Meyer, Sechelt

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