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Don’t be fooled 

Don’t be fooled 

We are having our third public meeting on RTC’s latest proposal for a waterfront development on Oct. 5.

RTC’s original plan was to build 48 units and it is now proposing to build 31 units in four buildings up to four stories high on three building lots on the Sechelt waterfront beside   Snickett Park, surrounded by single family homes on all sides. There is no way this is consistent with the Sechelt Official Community plan (OCP), which is supposed to guide all plans for change in the village. The OCP mandates ‘incremental change’ and projects ‘that respect and fit within the neighbourhood context’. This still-massive proposal does not fit, and will if passed, be a bad thing for our community.

RTC is treating the village as if it were selling a carpet in the market. Having asked a ridiculously high first price, it hopes that we the customers will be gulled and accept a lower price, but one that is still far too high.

Let us not be fooled. The price our community will pay for this development is much too high.

Stan Lubin, Sechelt

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