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Elphinstone grad wins Rhodes Scholarship

Elphinstone grad wins Rhodes Scholarship

School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast) wishes to congratulate Clare Lyle on receiving a Rhodes Scholarship (computer science) at Oxford University.

Clare attended Roberts Creek Elementary and Elphinstone Secondary. She says that “the teachers, counsellors, principals, coaches, and staff’s dedication and enthusiasm” infused her passion for learning that lead to a Loran Scholarship upon graduation in 2014 (Canada’s most comprehensive undergraduate award for character, service and leadership, presently valued at $100,000 over four years).  And now the Rhodes Scholarship, considered one of the world’s most prestigious scholarships.

SD46 wishes to thank Clare for modeling key features of the SD46 Strategic Plan: our students graduate with specific life skills and with a clear focus on their personal future direction in their chosen career path.

Superintendent Patrick Bocking, commented, “We are extremely proud of Clare and what she has achieved. It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the inspirational efforts and accomplishments of Clare and all our kids on the Sunshine Coast.”


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