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Ferry service review set to get underway

Ferry service review set to get underway

In January 2018, the provincial government will begin a comprehensive review of the coastal ferry service to evaluate its performance in meeting the needs of ferry users and BC’s coastal communities.

This review will identify what improvements can be made to the existing model and the Coastal Ferry Services Contract to better serve the needs of ferry users and coastal communities.

Under the terms of reference, the review will:

• Examine whether the contracted ferry services are being provided for in a manner that supports the public interest.

• Consider what changes to the price cap and regulatory model would ensure the ferry system is working as efficiently and effectively as possible and, in particular, for the ferry users and communities who depend on this essential service.

• Identify opportunities and recommend actions to enhance ferry service delivery and/or reduce costs without impacting existing service.

The review will not consider bringing BC Ferries back into government.

The terms of reference for the Coastal Ferry Service review are available online:


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