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Find trash, clean up, repeat

P 11 A pender trash bash pic

Three of about 40 volunteers who cleaned up the back roads in the Pender Trash Bash on Saturday. Photo submitted

For the folks organizing the Pender Harbour trash bash it was an ugly case of déjà vu.

Encouraged by a beautiful Fall day a group of about 40 volunteers came together at the Lions Park on Saturday Sept. 23 to clean up garbage which had been illegally dumped along highways, back roads and hiking trails.

A total of 2,285 kg of garbage was picked up and taken to the dump, plus two derelict cars and a boat trailer which were towed to the auto recyclers in Gibsons. The garbage included several refrigerators, a large deep freeze with rotting, vile smelling meat still inside, a large dump of diapers spread all over the forest floor, and a cache of auto transmission parts.  The Conservation Officer was on hand to investigate the source of some of these items and will be following up on information gathered.

But then on Monday morning, Sept. 25 another 330 kg of mixed household and construction waste was discovered in a spot that had been cleaned about 36 hours earlier – Menacher Rd. above GRIPS recycling. It took three people and two trucks to clean it up again.

Pender Harbour Hikers posted a picture of the trash on their Facebook page ( in the hopes that someone will be able to identify the source.  Submitted

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