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Fire damages building at Persephone brewery

P 7 A Persephone fire pic 1

Fire on the evening of April 1 destroyed a greenhouse at Persephone Brewing, and damaged a second greenhouse. Donna McMahon photo

Persephone Brewing Company ended their first Annual Brewers Bonspiel in a blaze – though not the sort they’d been counting on. The after party at the curling rink had barely wrapped on the evening of April 1, when firefighters responded to a fire at Persephone’s property on Stewart Road.

Persephone owner Brian Smith reported on Facebook that their small greenhouse burned, damaging a larger adjacent greenhouse and destroying some tools. No one was present at the time and there were no injuries. “The chickens are fine too,” noted Smith.

Interviewed via email on April 2, before the fire inspector and insurance adjuster viewed the site, Smith said he had no idea what had caused the fire.

“We’re upset about the loss but thankful the damage didn’t spread nor was anyone endangered. Sadly we lost a bunch of seed starts so have probably lost a couple weeks of growing in our market garden.”

Smith noted that things could have been much worse.  “We’re especially grateful for the quick response by both the person who called it in and our local fire department. They were really quick and did an awesome job containing the damage. We owe those guys some beer!”

Proceeds from the Bonspiel, held at the Gibsons Curling Club, will go to the Sunshine Coast Association of Community Living, whose members prepared and served food to curlers all day.

Donna McMahon

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