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Flu season can bring another medical concern for kids

Flu season can bring another medical concern for kids

Canteris-HartleyFlu season has arrived and for children with weak immune systems this can be a challenging time of the year.  “Otitis media”, inflammation of the middle ear, generally occurs in children with weakened immune systems.  It can flare up as an acute complication of the flu, tonsillitis, whooping cough, sinusitis or even a cold. For children who get repeated earaches and ear inflammation this is a chronic condition.  In chronic cases, sometimes the inflammation does not completely clear up between flare-ups and there can be buildup in the ear, pain and even hearing difficulties.  If a child does get recurrent ear inflammation the fluid build up can cause a condition known as glue ear, this can also be the result of repeated use of antibiotics.

If your child is struggling with “otitis media” and you have tried antibiotics without the condition improving, or would prefer not to use conventional medications, both acute and chronic middle ear inflammation respond well to homeopathic remedies and also homeopathic treatment can prevent the need for tubes and grommets.  For minor ear inflammation, parents can treat their children at home using homeopathic remedies.  However, seek professional help if the bony area at the base of your child’s ear becomes painful or red, if the ear pain continues for more than 24 hours or if your child has a high fever that will not go down, is drowsy, and has a stiff neck and headaches.

For chronic otitis media, homeopathic constitutional treatment from a professional homeopath is most effective in strengthening a child’s system so that otitis media does not recur.  With homeopathic constitutional treatment the middle ear inflammation will subside, any fluid build up will naturally drain and a child will no longer be susceptible to reoccurrences.

Homeopathic treatment is gentle, effective and has no adverse side effects, which makes it especially suited for children and babies. Parents can learn to use remedies at home for simple acutes and minor conditions.  For more chronic and persistent conditions seek the help of a professional homeopath for best results.

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