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Foot passengers to wait in ‘time-savings’ effort

Foot passengers to wait in ‘time-savings’ effort

BC Ferries is looking at all kinds of measures to deliver improved on-time performance for our customers travelling on the Langdale – Horseshoe Bay route.

One of the measures we’d like to try is to load passengers onto the vessel just once per sailing, after the vehicles have been loaded on the main vehicle deck at Langdale Terminal, rather than before and after as we do now. We believe we can realize time savings through this measure, and when added to the time savings from other measures we will be trying, can make a difference over the course of the day.

During the week of Wednesday, July 12 through Tuesday, July 18, foot passengers can expect to be boarded once vehicles are onboard. We will then evaluate the time-savings results and determine if this should become a permanent measure.

We recognize that this will be a change in routine for some customers. We are inviting our customers to please work with us on this, try something new, and help us explore opportunities to improve on- time performance.  Submitted

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  1. Lee Ann Johnson

    This loading system will leave people in wheelchairs or kids in strollers or folks with big wheelie suitcases without access to the on board elevator unless a car lane connecting the ramp to the first elevator location is left free of cars. It will likely also leave cyclists and walk on people with pets scrambling through a loaded car deck to reach their designated travel areas at the opposite end of the ferry. BC Ferries seems to be solving the wrong problem, namely late ferries, by penalizing ferry users. The problem they need to solve is providing enough ferry trips to adequately serve this growing community!

  2. Yes I had this experience yesterday morning. Mothers with children, Elders with canes or walkers, folks with bikes and travelers with large bags and suitcases were left to negotiate the vehicle jammed deck. An overwhelming stupid idea; leaving vehicle owners with the potential of scratched paint, broken mirrors and utterly frustrated patrons. I’m fit, 6 foot some and had a hard enough time squeezing in and around vehicles.

    Perhaps the folks who decide these things should actually ride on the ferry and appreciate the situation they’ve created.

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