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Gibson pool reopening

Gibson pool reopening

Staff are preparing for a limited reopening of Gibsons Pool starting on Jan. 11.
Full details of the reopening remain in development. “We are waiting to hear what the updated provincial health orders will be on Jan. 8, and how that will impact our programming and services at the facility,” said Cecilia Garcia, SCRD communications officer.
At the Dec. 17 SCRD infrastructure committee meeting, Recreation Services Manager Graeme Donn reported that installation of the glass safety barrier at the pool reception counter and equipment testing was being undertaken in late December. Facility staff orientation and training updates, as well as onsite risk assessments and safety planning, were slated to begin on Jan. 4.
Donn indicated that the number of patrons that will be allowed in the pool will be limited to 12. Plans are to restrict access to the hot tub to one individual or members of a single-family ”bubble.” He stated that aquafit classes would not be permitted until further notice. Donn noted that these numbers will be adjusted as permitted.
Patrons planning to use the facility must register in advance. Pre-registration is open at
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