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Going Rogue this weekend?

Going Rogue this weekend?

nobile chThe Rogue Arts Festival returns for its second year, running August 25-27, this time in Wilson Creek. “We always wanted to be on the Clarke Farm,” says Arwen MacDonald, Artistic Producer of the Festival of their new location. “Last year we weren’t able to secure the permits in time.” Those permits include onsite camping for those who buy advance three-day passes. “We’re looking to enhance the experience for people who want to really engage with the event,” says MacDonald. The new location offers other benefits as well. Clarke Farm is located at Highway 101 and Tyson Road, with a transit stop just five minutes from the site. There will be ample and secure bicycle lock up and an evening shuttle bus service. “Between the transportation and the actual location itself, [the new site] is much more accessible for everyone,” says MacDonald.

queer as funk

The Vancouver-based band Queer As Funk is one of the acts appearing at the weekend Rogue Arts Festival on Tyson Rd. in Wilson Creek. fubarfoto photo

What hasn’t changed from last year is a full line up of accomplished musicians, including locals Steve Weave, Giorgio Magnanensi, Matthew Lovegrove, Spouse, and Butler in the Hey. They’ll be joined by such off Coast talents as rockers Kitty and The Rooster, dance music duo The Imprints from Australia, and the ever popular Queer as Funk. There are also several “collective sets” programmed. “We’re bringing different musicians together who’ve never played  together before, giving them a certain allotment of time and seeing what happens,” explains MacDonald. “Some may bring their usual material with others joining in, sometimes it’s a full on jam session. Some may communicate ahead of time and others may just do it on the fly.”

In keeping with the Festival’s philosophy of trying to create a space that has something for everyone, there is also an onsite art gallery coordinated by Dean Schutz featuring 11 local artists and a full weekend schedule of artist demos. Marlene Lowden is running Freedom To Paint, a weekend long interactive painting demonstration featuring a very large canvas upon which everyone is invited to make their mark. The Workshop series has a wide offering, including Banjo 101 and How to Write A Song with Maxim Cossette. The Sunshine Coast SHROOM society will be on hand to help with mushroom identification and the One Straw Society has workshops on making healing salves, seed paper and sprouting seeds at home. There’s also yoga, soundwalking, and human foosball, and a whole lot more. “Going Rogue is about doing things your own way,” says MacDonald. “The combination of being the first year at the Clarke Farm with the programming, which I think is quite exceptional, is going to be a hallmark year for us. It’s going to be awesome.”

The Rogue Arts Festival runs at the Clarke Farm in Wilson Creek August 25-27. Advance weekend passes $30/$50. Day tickets $15/$25/$35. Complete information, including schedule, location details, general Festival info and to purchase tickets, visit

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