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Good use of water

Good use of water

(Re “Worried about water”, letters, the Local, Aug. 10)

The letter concerned water usage by the craft distillery proposed for Porter Road in Roberts Creek. I have attended public hearings and visited the proposed site.

The proposed distillery does not impinge upon other water users. This property has no connection to the SCRD water system. All water comes from wells and ponds on the property. Waste water returns to the water table after treatment. Cooling water is sourced from the pond and returns to the same pond. This pond is filled naturally from the water table and is always full, even in the midst of the present hot spell.

The only water removed from the property is in the craft distillery products. The legislation for a craft distillery licence is very specific about the maximum production allowed. The total volume of product permitted is far less than SCRD average water consumption for a single person.

As well, the distillery’s total water consumption is below that for other small businesses such as a laundromat, restaurant or car wash.

This is sustainable water use at its best. It should be held up as an example for our community.

We are all “Worried About Water”. But that worry should be directed at wasteful misuse, not thoughtful sustainable use.

Bruce Woodburn MD, Sechelt

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