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Gospel Rock public meeting slated for Nov. 22

Gospel Rock public meeting slated for Nov. 22

A public information meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 22, 4:30-8pm, at the Gibsons Legion to provide information on the proposed Gospel Rock Village development in Gibsons.

The area encompassed by the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan is currently undeveloped. When fully built out, it is slated to add 1,100 housing units to the town. Greenlane Homes is proposing a three-phase development on their property, with 250 units in Phase 1 and 2, and another 120 units in Phase 3.

The area is currently accessed from the west via Chaster Road and Pratt Road, which lie in Area E of the Sunshine Coast Regional District. The Gibsons plan permits developers to build up to 250 units before a primary access road is built through Town lands, connecting to Shaw Road in the north.

Residents of Area E have protested this plan, arguing that it will add too much traffic to Pratt Road, and asking that the Town put in the primary road access before any development takes place.

At the Nov. 7 Gibsons committee of the whole meeting, Mayor Wayne Rowe said: “The financial reality is that some development has to take place to pay for the kind of connection to Shaw Road that we propose.”

Further information about the proposal is available at

Donna McMahon

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