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Grand opening launches Target Marine in style

Grand opening launches Target Marine in style


Target Marine certified organic by Global Trust and Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standards

Target Marine, Canada’s only producer of certified organic farmed white sturgeon, officially launched its Northern Divine sturgeon and caviar processing facility on Wednesday May 29.

Professionally catered with samples of all their food products beautifully displayed on silver platters and quality champagne to wash it down, the celebration offered the public a chance to view the facility and the world-renowned products now drawing attention – and economic benefits – to the Sunshine Coast.

Target Marine is a BC owned aquaculture enterprise with sturgeon hatchery, grow-out sites, and processing plant all located here on the Coast.

Over fishing resulted in collapse of wild fisheries that once supplied most of the world’s caviar. As part of its commitment to preserving the environment while helping meet the world’s growing demand for food, Target Marine began rearing its first generation of white sturgeon in 2000. Some of those fish are now ready for harvest, and Target is now supplying a growing market with its healthy, eco-friendly product.  As of December 2012, Target Marine was certified organic by both the Global Trust and the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standards group. Their farmed sturgeon has been labeled as sustainable seafood by Ocean Wise and recommended by Sea Choice and the Monterey Bay Aquarium – Seafood Watch program.

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