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Have your say on logging plans

Have your say on logging plans

Public comments will be accepted until April 30 on BC Timber Sales’ (BCTS) proposed logging and road-building plans for the Sunshine Coast for the next five years.

Proposed forest development activities for the Chinook Business Area for 2018-2022 are shown on the BCTS website at The maps include harvesting, road building and other related developments (e.g., marine log dumps and helicopter drop zones) and are colour-coded according to year.

The BCTS plans include District Lot 1313 (also known as the “Reed Forest Reserve”), a 56-hectare (140-acre) lot on the slopes of Mount Elphinstone that local residents have been campaigning to preserve since 2014. The lot was given a reprieve from being auctioned off this spring, but is still slated for logging.

Environmentalists would like to see the property, which is second growth Douglas fir forest, turned into a park, while neighbours who live directly below the property are concerned about runoff, erosion, and damage to the quality of their well water. Area residents have been leading tours of the area, and organizing a letter-writing campaign to the province, the SCRD, and the media.

The Sunshine Coast Trails Society has also prepared a map that shows proposed BCTS cutblocks in relation to popular trails on the lower Sunshine Coast. The Trails Society cautions that these maps were created to indicate which trails may be affected by logging, but that the BCTS maps are the official ones. The Trails maps are at

Comments and questions on BCTS’s five year plan should be sent via email to, or addressed to Adam Hockin, Planning Forester, 7077 Duncan Street, Powell River, BC V8A 1W1. BCTS plan for logging on Crown lands, but does not have any jurisdiction over logging on private woodlots.

Donna McMahon

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