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Helping Harry

Helping Harry

In 2018, retired anesthesiologist Brian Lucas returned to the Sunshine Coast from Uganda, where he’d been teaching medicine. While there, Brian met 13-year-old Harry Andinda of Kabale, who expressed an interest in astronomy. Brian being a member of the Sunshine Coast Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, reached out to fellow member Charles Ennis, who became Harry’s pen pal and answered his astronomy questions. The Centre has been helping Harry get information on a career in astronomy, and they’ve just mailed him a Bushnell North Star 114 mm Newtonian reflector go-to telescope. Javier “Jack” Castro, an Argentinian electrical engineer who resides in Sandy Hook (who has donated his time to installing internet connections for children in South America), contributed to the Centre the hundreds of dollars necessary for mailing Harry’s telescope to Kabale. If anyone would like to further help Harry realize his dream of one day working in astrophysics, they can contact the Centre at photo submitted

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