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Heofon plays RC Hall this weekend

Heofon plays RC Hall this weekend

Local artist Simon Haiduk loves to share art and music. On March 31, he’ll bring those two aspects of his creativity together at an all-ages event at the Roberts Creek Legion. Mycelia Luna will feature the artwork of 12 visual artists and music from three performers, including Haiduk’s band, Heofon. “I’ve been curating art shows for a good 10 years,” says Haiduk. “The idea for the event was to have a show and provide a multi-media event for people to enjoy.” Haiduk will be showing his artwork alongside local artists such as Dean Shutz, Ben Tour, and Autumn Sky Morrison, while his mettamorphs will be seen during the muscial sets for Heofon and Yaima. Mettamorphs are animated digital paintings that, when paired with music, create a multi-layered sensory experience. “Instead of acrylic or oil paint, you’re on a computer and all your tools and colour palette are on a screen,” explains Haiduk, who uses a special pen to draw directly to a monitor.

Local band Heofon will appear with two visiting acts and the work of a dozen artists at Roberts Creek Hall March 31. Heofon means “heaven” in Old English. Band members from the left: Chris Niebergall, Simon Haiduk and Tim Niebergall. Photo submitted

While Haiduk has been drawing since he was a child and considers himself an artist first, music has also been a big part of his creative life. His inspiration comes from “nature, dreams and tapping into what’s beyond the physical realm and finding other ways to express it,” he says. “Visually it’s easier to say it’s a representation of something particular, but [art and music] go together in a lot of ways for me. They’re just expressing different parts of the same types of inspiration.” He’s been playing bass for 20 years and cello for 10. His bandmates in Heofon are Chris Niebergall on guitar and digeridoo, and Tim Niebergall on drums. “We’d been playing casually for a lot of years, but decided to start bringing it to another level,” says Haiduk. The band is close to releasing an album of all original music that they’ve been working on for the last two years. Their music is best described as progressive rock. “We’re super stoked to be playing it live [for an audience],” says Haiduk.

Also on the bill that night is Seattle-based electronic music duo Yaima, whose three albums are graced with Haiduk’s artwork. Rounding out the night will be LA-based soul/R&B musician Bridge. As an all-ages event, Haiduk is sharing his passion for art and music as widely as possible. “I don’t think youth have many options to see live music, so it’s nice to give them that option,” says Haiduk. “There are different music styles and it’s always a friendly atmosphere in the Creek. Come and experience good times.”

Mycelia Luna, an all-ages event featuring Heofon, Yaima and Bridge, takes place Saturday, March 31 at the Roberts Creek Legion. Doors at 8pm, music starts at 9pm. Tickets $20 in advance at MELOmania and or $25 at the door. More info at:

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