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It has been an exciting couple of weeks for three Sechelt students who competed in a battle of the bands at the Roxy Cabaret in Vancouver.  Their band is called “fir” and the Chatelech students are, from the left, guitarist James Allcock, 18, bassist and singer Greg Allcock, 16, and drummer Ryan McLeod, 16.  Their first public event was the school’s winter talent show in December 2016 and they appeared last fall at the “emerging sounds” concert at Sechelt’s Performing Arts festival. After passing an audition, they were among 20 bands competing at the Roxy. fir won its round on Feb. 24 and then competed in the finals March 5. The top prize went to a female student from Port Moody, but fir came home with a $2,500 scholarship from Nimbus School of Recording & Media – sponsors of the contest – and some valuable exposure to people in the industry. “We were really happy to get the experience,” said Greg. “It was a fun time.”  James AlLcock photo

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