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Homeopathy an effective pregnancy and birth support

Homeopathy an effective pregnancy and birth support

Canteris-HartleyPregnancy, childbirth and caring for one’s own new born child can be one of the most empowering and emotional times for a woman. As a homeopath, and a mother, I can say without a doubt that homeopathy is one of the most effective supports women can have during this sensitive and dynamic time. A trained homeopath working along side a midwife adds a whole other level of support for a woman, both complimenting the midwife’s work and the woman’s.  Homeopathy gently assists a woman’s own natural process, smoothing the transition into motherhood and a healthy start for her newborn.

There is no “general” way of prescribing homeopathic remedies. Each woman is unique as is her pregnancy, labour and her baby.  Homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on careful observation of what is individually happening with the mother and her baby and based on a specific emotional component.  Women who choose homeopathy are looking for safe, effective, non-toxic and side effect-free remedies, so no harm comes to her baby or her.

A common situation that homeopathy is effective for is breech position during pregnancy. Another situation is cases where the baby is ready but the woman is holding back emotionally from fear or anticipatory anxiety. Giving a well-chosen homeopathic remedy specific to the woman in these situations will help induce labour naturally. Homeopathy is also especially supportive during long labours when a woman feels she cannot carry on or is in extreme pain.

Treating a woman homeopathically during pregnancy can help to alleviate some underlying emotional hurdles that may arise during her labour and even post-partum. It can also prepare her body physically and help to alleviate any discomforts, prevent complications and even miscarriages.

The common homeopathic remedy, Arnica, is usually indicated at some point during pregnancy and labour, but also following labour, for exhaustion, physical healing and for any trauma the baby experienced particularly to the head.

Once baby is out into the world, homeopathy will continue to support mother and child with all that arises from colic to breast feeding difficulties, mastitis, postpartum depression, unresolved trauma that occurred during labour and childbirth for both mother and baby. Using homeopathy early in life will help resolve any trauma, preventing chronic conditions from developing later, both physically and emotionally. With homeopathic remedies being safe and non-toxic, they are especially suited for babies and young children. Nurturing a newborn into the world can be a challenging time for a woman.  With homeopathy’s deep and holistic approach it is naturally supportive for both mom and baby which makes their transition into a new life together easier and more enjoyable.

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