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Homeopathy founder remembered this month

Homeopathy founder remembered this month

Canteris-HartleyApril is World Homeopathy Awareness Month, the month the founder of homeopathy was born, Samual Hahnemann, born April 10, 1755 in Meissen, Germany.  After more than 200 years homeopathy is still practiced and used worldwide and continues to grow globally as an effective form of treatment for first-aid/trauma conditions, acutes, childbirth and pregnancy, chronic and terminal conditions, palliative care and support during the end stage of life.  The World Homeopathy Awareness Organization lists 12 good reasons for using homeopathy:

1. No harmful side effects: A preparation process called potentisation removes all toxicity from each substance. It is safe for all ages and during pregnancy. However it is advised to be under the care of a qualified practitioner.

2. Gentle: Healing through homeopathy is a gentle process and results are often powerful and long lasting.

3. Holistic: Homeopathy considers and addresses the whole person. Often one or a succession of single remedies resolves all complaints.

4. Inexpensive: Remedies usually cost surprisingly less than allopathic prescriptions and most herbs/supplements.

5. Preventative: By boosting the immune system and overall health, homeopathy improves a person’s resistance to infections and possible illnesses.

6. Not tested on animals: All homeopathic medication is tested on healthy humans.

7. Easy to take: Homeopathic medicines are given as small pleasant tasting pellets which dissolve in the mouth, through olfaction, or in liquid form. Granules, powders and drops are also available.

8. Patient involvement: A homeopath will ask many questions, not only about the symptoms which are bothering an individual, but also how they react to the condition and about their general health and lifestyle.

9. Invaluable for first aid: Homeopathic medicines can be safely used anywhere to treat bruises, minor burns, sprains, insect bites, gastric upsets and more.

10. The medicine of the future: With more than 3,000 homeopathic medicines and new remedies being made all the time, homeopathy is a growing art.

11. Research: Growing evidence of the safety and effectiveness of homeopathy: 163 randomized controlled trials (RCT’s) have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Of these 67 (41 per cent) were positive, 11 (7 per cent) negative and 85 (52 per cent) non conclusive. This compares well with conventional medicine RCT’s: 36 per cent positive, 10 per cent negative, 54 per cent not conclusive. (Source: BMJ Clinical Evidence)

12. Science: Recent research in the areas of electromagnetic fields, water and nano-particles are offering explanations about how homeopathy’s sub-molecular medicines work.

For more information on homeopathy, please contact Canteris Hartley, DCH, HMC at 604.984.3844 or visit

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