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Inappropriate proposal

Inappropriate proposal

In 2016 RTC Properties paid $3.6 million for a 2.52 acre, three-lot parcel zoned R-1 at the SW corner of Shorncliffe and Coast Highway. On Oct. 5 at 7pm (tonight), the Sechelt District Council will consider the second version of their rezoning proposal to replace the present, single, 1924 house with 31 housing units in four large structures.  In the Official Community Plan (OCP) these three lots plus another 30 south of the highway are designated as “Infill Zone C2.” The OCP specifically states that all zoning changes in C2 should be “incremental” and also “respect and fit within the neighbourhood context.” It is hard to see how a replacing one house on a heavily wood lot with 31 units surrounded by concrete can be “incremental.” The failure to meet the second criterion can perhaps best be judged by the fact that owners of the neighbouring R-1 lots, as well as over 250 petition signatories, are outraged at this idea.

In making this inappropriate proposition, RTC seems to feel that Sechelt has some obligation to let them “make money.” Given that last year a small Boulevard house on a quarter-acre lot sold for $1.158M and that an even smaller undeveloped lot just went for over $800K, RTC got a good deal. Each of three large lots, split into two R-1 lots at $700-$900K each could yield about a million profit overall.

We hope many will attend tonight’s 7pm meeting and help stop Shorncliffe Beach becoming “Watermark West.”

James and Christine Pawley, Sechelt

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  1. Inaccurate representation!

    This is not a secluded area deep in the burbs. This is downtown. Across the street from the courthouse and the library, rec centre, town hall and the mall for Pete’s sake. It is EXACTLY where we should be building density housing!

    Can I take from your letter that you would rather clear 31 acres of trees further from town so that you can build 31 homes that young people can’t afford? Especially when they would also have to afford a car to drive into town for simple things like grociers or a trip to the library.

    Please get over your own mis-guided sense of entitlement. In case you haven’t noticed there is a housing crisis going on and at times like these we should all be thinking of the wider society not our own narrow self-interest.

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