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Inhumane rebuttal

Inhumane rebuttal

(Re: “Inhumane,” letters, the Local, Feb. 18)
I have just moved to Sechelt, and enjoy my new environment very much, as well as reading the Local. I am irritated with Carole James’ comments calling Sechelt Hospital’s COVID-19 visitor restrictions “inhumane.” She even went as far as comparing the safety precautions of the hospital a “somewhat analogous to the treatment of Nazi prisoners.” It is very obvious that Ms. James has never been to Auschwitz, Dachau, etc., nor could she have read about the Holocaust or seen any films about this very sad event in history. If she would do so, it might prevent her from making such foolish and ignorant remarks in the future.
My own aunt died from COVID-19 in an Abbotsford senior home this last year, and as devastating as her death was to me, I would gladly have followed any safety requirement that I was asked to perform in order to keep her and others safe.
I suggest that Ms. James familiarize herself with the ordeals Nazi prisoners went through. Having been brought up in the former East Germany, I marvel at Ms. James’ understanding of “democratic rights and freedom.” I am thankful that I live in a country where I can enjoy freedom and democratic rights but also can benefit from an excellent health care system.
Monika Hackel,

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