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Interpretive sign installed on Trout Lake trail

Interpretive sign installed on Trout Lake trail

A view of the Loco-Motive trail near Trout Lake: it’s called that because it follows a century-old logging railroad track. The bars of snow across the trail show where the railway ties were – the decomposing ties provide just enough insulation to slow the melting of snow. (Logging crews took the metal rails with them when they moved on 90 or so years ago.)  The area was clearcut – the trees are second growth – and the timber taken by rail to the waterfront in Halfmoon Bay. It is now in the SC Community Forest tenure and is scheduled to be logged again. On New Year’s Day, a group (right) installed an interpretive sign they created at about the half-way mark on the 1.2-kilometre Loco-Motive trail, which connects with other trails. From the left, John Clyde, Peter Hews and Rand Rudland. The sign was sponsored by the SC Community Forest.  Rand Rudland left photo | Elise Rudland right photo. Sign details are below.


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