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Intruding bear punched in nose

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This large bear is seen gnawing at the door after being locked out of a house in Gibsons. Then, after chasing a man down the street, the bear was put down by police. RCMP photo

A young Gibsons family had a terrifying experience when a large black bear entered their house in the Franklin Beach area and was refusing to leave despite their best efforts to scare it back outside.

On August 19, Elery Froude and her two sons Camden and Ivany were at home around 5:30pm when she heard 2 1/2 –year-old Ivany yell MOM look!!! Elery turned in time to see the bear coming through her sliding glass door. The bear roamed the house going into most of the rooms and drooling all over her dining room table. Elery locked herself and the kids in a bedroom while a family friend yelled, banged pots and shook chairs at the bear before there was a standoff as the bear stood half in and half out of the house. The family friend slammed the door on the bear before finally punching it in the nose which made him retreat outside.

Once the door was closed, the bear began pawing at the door and chewing on the screen as police arrived. Police scared the bear into the bushes with air horns and by throwing water bottles at it. Shortly after though, the bear returned to the house and tried to open the door to the garage and chased a male down the street before he could jump into his truck. After liaising with Conservation, it was determined that due to the bear’s aggressive actions and lack of fear of humans, it was to be put down.

The bear was put down by RCMP and was removed by Conservation. Sgt. Miller from Conservation stated it was an adult male bear weighing approximately 220-250lbs and did not have any overt signs that it had been suffering from any illnesses that would have resulted in its unusually brazen behaviour.  Submitted by RCMP

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